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Runway Excursion at Chicago O'Hare (E145, snowy/icy runway, loss of lateral control on rollout)

An Envoy Embraer ERJ-145, registration N619AE performing flight AA-4125 from Greensboro,NC to Chicago O'Hare,IL (USA) with 38 passengers and 3 crew, landed on O'Hare's runway 10L at 07:40L (13:40Z), tower had reported medium braking action and 4000 feet RVR, when the aircraft skidded left off the runway, skidded sideways further yawing to the left and came to a stop with all gear as well as the right wing tip on soft ground about 5350 feet/1630 meters past the runway threshold,… ( 기타...

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Was that passenger not in the absolute best seat to film that? What are the odds?
Dubslow 8
Judging by the video, perhaps this was an asymmetric braking/revthrust situation. I think I see left drift, right correction before final left drift off the runway
MrTommy 4
I like the comment from one of the passengers at the end of the vid. "I think we've landed".
The spoilers did not deploy! Anyone notice that?
They did deploy look at the one closest to the fuselage
It was a regular old fashioned ground loop.

There was a 25 knot left crosswind. As he comes in on the reverse thrust the airplane begins to move to the right because of the reverse thrust crosswind component. You can see it in the video. The natural urge is to go to the tiller to steer the nose wheels left which actually aggravates the situation. Note that the right aileron is faired as the turn starts. You've got to stay light on the brakes, use idle reverse (if any), crank in full left aileron, and use the rudder for directional control!

Basic stick and rudder stuff.
Not unlike when you oversteer and jam on the brakes when on an icy road, eh?
Absolutely correct. Challenging conditions require good technique.
bbabis 3
That wind may have been outside the airplane's crosswind capability on a clean runway much less slick. It certainly was outside the crews capability.
Coalora 3
I'm confused, given the predominant news cycle around here lately. How does this story make Boeing look bad?
mt308818 9
Considering the aircraft involved is an Embraer ERJ145, I'm not sure how Boeing would be related to the issue.
For what it's worth ... I understand your sarcasm. It sure seems there are a number of Airbus moles or disgruntled Boeing IAM union operatives in "Squawk" these days.
Coalora 3
At least somebody got it. :)
Where did you get that from?
It's winter time again, more of these accidents to follow
techboy9 1
I honestly think it was a reverse thrust problem as well
Kudos to the passenger that kept the video rolling throughout the fun ride!
Can somneone please tell me why the heck that crew was trying to turn off that runway at that speed. I mean the aircraft slowed then started to turn then hit an icy spot. Also from the the FAA was saying they were trying to exit the runway at P4 which is a 45 degree turn in the opposite direction.
I don't think they were. Seems as thou they were braking lightly, hit ice and drifted, corrected a bit but wind pushed her sideways, and along for a slide ride they went.
Yes but from what Airlive said that the FAA reported that the pilots were trying to turn off the runway at P4 please see attached article.
If you watch the video, she starts careening slightly , at speed, before P4, comes back (seemingly straight) but then she starts going around.
If you noticed, it also stated the FAA will investigate..always thot that was NTSB area
It also looks like they were trying to line up for the turn around and it just fished tailed. Also seems they kinda just slide a little from the pics I saw like they just couldnt stop the ole girl. Either way the final report will say what happen if they do investigate. I am not saying anyone is correct or wrong just funky it spun almost that far. Idk anyways time will tell.
Ok but don't always trust things from Airlive. They post news years after it happens.
was thinking the same.. under those runway conditions, that speed looked way too high even to turn off into a properly aligned high speed.
n9341c -1
I'm still trying to figure out how Trump made this airplane skid off the runway.
Typical ORD operation...... high speed, low drag! Get them in and out as quickly as possible. Any one that objects will be berated, lectured and humiliated


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