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Broward County Mayor Wants to Prevent 737 Max From Operating at FLL

The mayor of Broward County wants to prevent the troubled 737 Max aircraft from operating at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport as Boeing tries to get the plane back in the sky. ( 기타...

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Mr mayor oversteps just a bit, having no standing to offer his publicity-seeking stab at 15 minutes of fame. Consider other forms of county infrastructure first , then get to the airport when all those are solved
Another example how our politicians only care about their continued popularity and image no matter the facts.
Term limits for them all!
Stick to your job mayor and let the FAA and airlines handle this, in other words, stay in your lane.
canuck44 13
Nice distraction moving on from the corruption in Broward. Must really suck when the Governor fires your sheriff buddy and appoints an honest sheriff.
Daily the D and the R lose their distinction, but every once in a while.
Now if we could just find a way to shut politicians’ mouths before engaging their brain function?
canuck44 8
Brain function? Politicians? Oxymoron of the month.
You know the way parents laugh when a 5-year-old declares that he has created new rules that his parents must follow? Now imagine electing that same 5-year-old as mayor.
mbrews 4
Well - if this virtue-signaling continues, then hundreds of city mayors can make themselves self-appointed air safety regulators. based solely on fear mongering and emotional arguments. Here is the new " Broward Coward " -> the know-nothing mayor.
Broward County needs a new mayor.
what a moron...but that seems to be today's schtick with the 24/7 social media circus that consumes the world...and everyone lusting to be important and famous for 3 seconds...
wingbolt 2
But I guess a MU-2 is okay!
What a moron. Politicians love to find a deviding and spread bs, while gaining clout. It’s not fake news, it’s fake news makers.
I am thankful that no responders supported the mayor's ridiculous position
if a pilot puts it in the air i'm okay with it. They are not test pilots.
What an idiot, only the city and its workers would be impacted.. the max will fly there and everywhere once its back, it's about fuel and they're going to fly for decades.
indy2001 1
Moron, plain and (very) simple.
I don't think the mayor of a city or municipality can "ban" a particular type of aircraft,unless the faa has said its unsafe to be flown,or unless the runways length and capability regarding the weight and stopping distance will not be compatable with the cities runways or facilities..why the grandstanding by this mayor, as the faa is already pushing boeing,and the airlines have already stopped using or buying that plane for a while..
Maybe he’sntrying to get his name out in public for a run for a higher office? The City of Santa Monica is trying to shut down the airport
s2v8377 1
If an idiot like this is running Broward that doesn't say much for the voters or the future of Fort Lauderdale as place not just FLL.

Did the 737 MAX ever fly out of Fort Lauderdale before the grounding?


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