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First Air Canada A220

First Air Canada A220 construction to delivery video. ( More...

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Sue Lockwood 5
Very proud of this Canadian creation. Fly safe little bird!
Tim Segulin 5
Wonderful to see it in service after all the problems with Bombardier's owners on one hand and Boeing's nastiness on the other. I hope it enjoys a long, successful future.
Been in service for a few years already... 100th delivery was few weeks ago
The CSeries is a nice airplane
J B 2
Obviously very bespoke orders, not mass-stamped product on a lot waiting for livery. It would be interesting for passengers to be able to compare order details re leg space, seat quality, screens and connectivity, bin space, etc. for competing carriers.
John Smythe -2
And you will be forced to eat poutine and watch really bad Canadian movies


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