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Pegasus Airlines Boeing 737-800 Crashes After Landing In Istanbul

Flight PC2193 which landed at 6:19 p.m. local time was unable to stop in time, running off the runway. The fuselage split into two, with the front section flipping over. There are no details regarding casualties. ( More...

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Prayers for all involved.
Hope for just minor injuries.
Torsten Hoff 3
As of this moment there are three fatalities.
I read that this morning. Sad news.
F A 4
METAR from the time of arrival:
LTFJ 051450Z VRB08G18KT 9999 -SHRA FEW025CB BKN036 BKN070 12/09 Q0990 NOSIG RMK RWY24 04009KT

LTFJ 051520Z 29022G37KT 240V330 7000 -TSRA FEW017CB BKN025 BKN070 11/09 Q0992 RESHRA NOSIG RMK RWY24 33010G20KT 270V360

SPECI LTFJ 051537Z 29018KT 9999 -SHRA FEW025CB BKN036 BKN070 10/08 Q0992 RETSRA NOSIG=
Something tells me Pegasus is going to have a come to Jesus meeting with the Turkish CAB....
racerxx 1
Hopefully everyone made it out safely. This is the second Pegasus excursion here!
sanil4 1
Looks like she was doing 190 kts @ 1000 ft and 168 kts at 700 ft.

Approach speed, Weather, Wet runway and Tail winds are the "Combined Factors"

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Viv Pike 1
Wow, could you be any more racist ?
الله أكبر

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Falconus 4
I always relied on training and careful judgment to fly safely, not my nationality.

Never realized I could safely fly a plane just because I'm American.

Would have saved me a lot of expense in training.

Thank you for the information.
Viv Pike 4
Just remember that to the rest of the world, Americans are also foreigners ...
Do you have no empathy?
Larry Toler 2
While I was stationed in England and Germany many Americans felt entitled while there. In my AFSC, I worked closely with Local Nationals. I gave them much respect as they knew my job better than me.
Accidents do happen and we really don't know yet what the pilots were going through. Pegasus doesn't seem to have a good safety record of late.
bentwing60 2

Thank you for your service.

In my early days, for my first trip into any foreign destination headin' south it was smart to act dumb about the local customs and protocols, and not push any trivial issue. NBAA didn't have that strong a network back then and the local Commandant, might have his own interpretation of the regs. 'and other things'. It was also smart to remember that stuff cause' they didn't forget your N# after, oooh, 3 trips or so. The road to a higher understanding of the 'local' deal was often monetary, but not always. Sometimes, they appreciated a Yank that wasn't an AH. And Marlboro Reds with a US tax stamp were worth more than greenbacks to a lot of FBO workin' stiffs.

As for Pegasus, some foreign operators seem to have a certain 'Knack' for askin' the insurance company for a new 737.
linbb -8
Real easy they screwed the pooch just like there other crashes. Nothing new second rate pilots at the best you get what you pay for.
Greg S 1
I know, right. I mean it's not like Delta Flt 1086 MD-88 ever went off the end of the runway at LaGuardia Airport and into Flushing Bay, or that Southwest Flt 1248 ever got into an automobile accident after blasting through the perimeter fence at Midway.


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