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Canada's Trudeau demands from Iran independent probe into downed airliner

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he had “impressed upon” Iran’s foreign minister on Friday that a complete and independent investigation into the shooting down of a Ukrainian passenger plane in January had to be carried out. ( 기타...

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It is a wonder he doesn't send them money and apologize for cluttering the ground with wreckage!!
Sir, you win the comments!
linbb 8
And so what will be gained by Trudeau intruding on this shoot down? Nothing of value just his grandstanding. Cant even handle the unrest in his own country that is taking place shutting down rail lines and other services up there.
People who live in glass houses should not throw stones!
Greg S 1
You don't know where he lives, do you?
Greg S 0
Democracies don't "handle" unrest, that's part of the democratic process. What will be gained? Iran will be put on notice that something more independent and transparent is expected of it in regards to this investigation. And Iran will almost certainly ignore Trudueau.
canuck44 5
He needs to spend a little more time figuring out his policies are going to get a referendum started in Alberta to separate. The West has been screwed for many years by the demands of Central Canada using the West as a piggy bank for the welfare province of Quebec.


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