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FAA Faces Dilemma Over 737 MAX Wiring Flaw That Boeing Missed

If a hot short occurs between the power wire and ... command wire, the stabilizer can go to the full nose-down position ( 기타...

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I note that the NYC Building/Fire/Electrical Code forbids running signal cable in the same conduit as power cable. I suppose if an aircraft is not "fly-by-wire" this is not an issue.
The max is not fly by wire, so we're in good shape.
The two Max crashes are the best thing that ever happened to Dominic Gates' career. We'll be getting 10 paragraphs of drama, fear, and complete lack of context every time somebody double parks a 737, and we'll get it right up until the day he retires.

I would like to dedicate this pulitzer to anonymous sources and the free falling standards of our dying industry, because without them I would not be here today. (applause)

Correct link
He has to post the 14 copy & paste hack jobs first, then the original article. Get with the program, comrade.
I’m just wondering how this community feels about the MAX going forward from this point. This is an informal poll of course, but, knowing what you now know, would you or your family fly on a MAX? What would change your mind?

As for me, no I will not knowingly board and flight in a 737 MAX and it will take hundreds of thousands of safe flying hours for me to reconsider.
racerxx 3
I don’t think the wiring should be an issue. While technically in violation, not once has it been a problem with the NGs. I’ll give it a shot once it comes back
If they have to yank it all out and stuff it back in it might be.
We fear the unknown, so chances are the more you know the less worried you'll be. Or at the very least you'll be able to formulate a better plan, because your current strategy doesn't make a ton of sense. For example, your hours requirement will probably come and go well before Boeing can get all the stashed 737's out of it's employee parking lots.


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