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Airport police use Taser on unruly traveler, but still need help from others to control him

Police say this all started with the report of a man shoving an airline employee. It then turned into two officers getting help from other passengers as the suspect, Jerome Toson Jr., fought back. ( 기타...

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Where have the ruly travelers gone?
Tasers are statistically speaking, horribly ineffective. Some departments aren't even carring them anymore.
A good old fashioned billy club or truncheon used to do the job quite well...
Woops, upside your head...woops, upside your head!
You can try, but you won't succeed....
They need to UP the voltage!
Don't tase me, bro!
I have meet a lot of the DFW Police Officers and they are really nice guys, and mostly rather large too !!! So I guess that this guy must have been on something too ??? Silly, Stupid, and so upsetting to this this kind of thing happening in an Airport Terminal.
n9341c 3
I'm beginning to be a big fan of requiring a medical "OK to travel" document from your physician attesting that you do not have behavioral health problems and you do not pose a social or physical threat to those around you.
why do i always think of that scene in "hangover I" when i see references to tasing?
tasmedic -4
Your US Police were just messing with him.
Here in the Australian Police State, he would have been shot dead on the spot.
Our Police consider knife sticks, pepper spray and tasers just dead weight. They never get used.
Police at our airports walk around in pairs and every single one of them has an automatic rifle pointed in a random direction. Don't worry about collateral damage or the populous in general, automatic rifles it is.... I have no idea in what World it would be a good idea to use an automatic rifle in a crowded airport. But then I'm a dumb ass and the police probably have magic bullets which only hit terrorists.....
Yes, I think we can all agree you are a dumb ass. No argument.
tasmedic 1
I fully admit to being a dumb ass. I just think I'd be even dumber choosing an automatic rifle as something to carry around and potentially use in an airport. It's quite literally "overkill".
Unless the folks you are up against are criminals or terrorists with automatic weapons, and/or overwhelming numbers. Easy to talk from the sidelines. Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters?
tasmedic 2
The situations you're suggesting would be well covered by tactical response teams. We don't need heavily armed police wandering around in the quiet airport. Putting them there might be considered foolish since any criminal considering causing trouble would take their presence into account and plan appropriately, most likely by arming themselves in the same way. It looks like the police are starting an arms race, which is not a good idea. My contention is that a radio and a hand gun are more than enough for a routine patrol in an airport. If we could only get our police here in Australia to use pepper sprays and tazers, that would be a start. But, our police here in Aussie are more and more turning to firearms as the solution to deal with every "unruly" customer.... Airports are just one of the prime examples.
I thought you guys banned owning rifles and firearms quite a while ago.. How is it possible that anyone in an airport would even have a gun to use? Isn't Australia a totally gun free zone except for law enforcement? I guess I am at a loss as to why any of your police even need to carry a firearm at all, since no else in the country can carry one. My somewhat sarcasm aside, it takes tactical support teams time to show up, time that a single police officer patrolling may not have, let alone the innocent civilians being fired on by automatic weapons in the hands of criminals/terrorists who tend not to follow the rules of decency and fighting fair.
Love your philosophy!
The rate of fire is selectable on those, by the way. Also an AR-15 firing in full auto mode is still quite controllable.
travistx 9
AR-15s are semi-auto only, you're thinking of an M4.
The AR-15's I've fired with bump stocks come quite close to full auto rate of fire, and as I said are quite controllable- which is the point I was making, not semantics as to the features of the rifle.
tasmedic 1
Even with a full auto rifle, rate of fire is always selectable by careful use of the trigger. I still contend that they're a stupid weapon to carry in an airport though. I can't see any situation where automatic fire would be a good idea.
Unless the folks you are up against are criminals or terrorists with automatic weapons, and/or overwhelming numbers.
tasmedic 1
We seem to have somehow moved from unruly passengers to an army of heavily armed terrorists attacking an airport.
That's what tactical response teams are for. You're talking completely hypothetically, where no significant risk of what you're suggesting exists. If you can come up with a single example of a perpetrator with an automatic weapon in a western airport, that'd be helpful. Some might also say that a hail of bullets from 2 automatic weapons might be more dangerous to the surrounding public than just one, too.
2 wandering police with automatic weapons are NOT the way to deal with large numbers of heavily armed criminals in an airport. That's not their job, at all, period, and it's not a valid reason for routine patrols to carry automatic rifles.

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Seriously? What does this event have to do with whomever is currently President?
Trump Derangement Syndrome sufferers are like a broken jukebox. Put your quarter in, press any combination of buttons, and out comes the only tune they know.
Often feel that way transiting through DFW. So, don’t go there any more. Sanity restored...
According to fox4news.... hmm. If it bleeds, it leads, some things don't change, do they?

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Greg S 9
Me: How would you know?
Roy: The internet told me.
Me: Thank you, you're dismissed.
I understand some of you guys do not like it, but true hurts sometimes.
travistx 4
"Frequent" [citation needed]
There you go:
travistx 5
Yeah, I didn't ask for the definition of the word. Try this:


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