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Serve Air Cargo Boeing 727F Rolls Out Of Control After Hydraulic Failure

A Serve Air Cargo Boeing 727-200 freighter departed from (FIH), Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo, when it was forced to turn back after experiencing a hydraulic problem shortly after takeoff. Just after the pilots vacated the aircraft via the emergency slides, the aircraft started to roll back. ( 기타...

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John D 2
Guess, we'll need more info on this, but wondering out load why the pilots exited via the emergency slides?
brock55 2
It doesn't appear there was a slide deployed from the video. It would be bright yellow and easy to see. There are no steps for the crew to use to exit either. I guess they figured it was best to get out quickly since they could not set the brakes.
Doesnt the 72 have a set of rear stairs?
brock55 4
It does but if the main deck had freight (containers or pallets)on it the steps would not be accessible.
Thanks Brock
btweston 1
Kinda wild watching all of those people running around underneath a rolling aircraft... and while it was doing a wheelie.
From the posted picture, it looks like a the slats may have become unsynchronized. Time will tell
It looks like it was the outer slats.
Nobody thought to chock the wheels? How were they able to stop? Although I'd imagine that there are enough backup and separate hydraulic systems. Still, yikes, and yet kinda funny...
Think the nose gear was damaged?


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