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You May See Fewer Starbucks Coffee Shops at U.S. Airports: Here's why

You soon may see fewer Starbucks stores at U.S. airports, after HMSHost, which operates all of the roughly 400 terminal locations nationwide, severed its nearly 30-year-old exclusivity agreement with the famous coffee chain. ( 기타...

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OK with me. Personally, I would rather be able to try "local" coffee shops in my travels. Usually try to avoid SB if there are ANY other local options available to support them.
I'm OK with this. It was already getting harder and harder to tell the difference between airports and shopping malls :)
Relics 3
Dunkin is better anyways.
John D 1
So the odd thing about this is at AUS, which just finished a major renovation, prided itself that they only catered to local establishments and for the most part abided by that. I had taken a travel hiatus and had not been there for some months. Went back in January and saw that a rather nice sized Starbacks had opened there.
Payoffs! LOL


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