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Delta delivers new standard of airline cleanliness with “Delta Clean”

Delta delivers new standard of airline cleanliness with “Delta Clean”. The airline is revolutionizing cleanliness across airports and on aircraft in order to deliver a new standard of clean for customers. ( 기타...

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airuphere 15
Shouldn’t it of always been Delta Clean? Sealed tubes at Alt. Filled with the masses, everyone has different levels of personal hygiene - airlines should of been eating the turn time and cost to be doing this all along.
brock55 8
It was about getting the aircraft in the air and doing the minimum cleaning. One of two things are going to happen now. One the turn time will be greater so the cabin cleaning team can accomplish these new standards. Two the cabin cleaning company will put extra cleaners on board to accomplish these task so the turn time does not change. My bet is option 2 will happen once normal flying returns but some airlines are not going to want to pay for the extra cleaners.
sstuff 8
I've been beating this (apparently) dead horse for years. Every trip I take with Delta I tell them, in writing, about the aircraft's lack of cleanliness. Delta, especially, cuts their schedules so close there is NO way a "turned" aircraft is cleaned---and I'm not talking only about the trash left by departing passengers. I've even suggested to Delta that once a week each aircraft undergo a "deep cleaning." On my way to a week's vacation I caught the flu, and that is all it took for me clean my area with disinfectant wipes every trip thereafter.
Actually, I think JetBlue has the fastest turnaround time in the industry.
The insides of these planes had literally gotten to be like Petri dishes and germ incubators.
Of course, we, the paying customers, who make these airlines money, have to suffer from their greed and lack of consideration for general cleanliness and hygiene.
Well said. The cabins have been in deplorable shape ever since the 80's and need extra cleaning just to achieve a normal level of hygiene.
Muchits 1
UNTRUE! Delta used to use 45 minute minimum turn times on the 757s. Do you want to know what they are now?

1 HOUR! Delta has been increasing their minimum turn times across all fleets for years so I'm afraid you're sadly mistaken.
Agreed we use Delta a lot and after each flight advise via their survey and still nasty bathroom lavatory.
Fairy doubtful you caught the flu on the plane. It normally takes 5 days from exposure to illness. Unless the person sitting next to you coughed on you it is pretty doubtful it came from the flight.
Considering I've pulled snotty kleenex, wads of gum, and fast food wrappers out of Delta seat back pockets, they have only one direction but up. (Well, or down)
dnorthern 14
Yeah. Blame the airline for the behavior of the idiot passenger.
Sorry but that is the fault of self absorbed passengers. Why do we expect someone else to clean up behind us?
Yeah, you're 100% correct, but so what? A passenger may be the biggest pig in the world, but once they leave that plane, they're gone and their trash still remains-waiting for the next passenger! It's easy to blame "self-absorbed passengers", but the airlines have a duty to provide a clean, safe environment for every passenger and that means cleaning up for them. You wouldn't blame a "self-absorbed mechanic" for a wheel falling off, would you?
Sorry, but you're confusing trash with cleanliness!
Yes, trash is left behind, but the surfaces that passengers come in contact with, i.e. armrests, trays, etc are not cleaned.
Hopefully the lav's are!
I am really excited to see the future of aviation again, after we get pass the current issue. We will get pass this!
It seems Delta has been listening to folks talking about what the "new normal" will be. Glad to see it.
As a cardiologist in NJ, I welcome as much cleaning as possible and saddened it took a pandemic to convince the airlines. After covid-19, we will still have influenza, the common cold, etc to deal with. There is never enough cleaning or disinfecting, believe me.
it's about time and should be a world wide mandate
kwanfam 2
Airlines make money with planes in the air and not on the ground, until this becomes and FAA rule or law, this will be discontinued when traffic goes back to normal. Otherwise this cleaning is just for advertisement.
Muchits 2
Delta has made a commitment to permanently do this going forward. It is not temporary.
You’re probably right
todd92 2
Doesn't matter how clean the plane is, as soon as an infected person boards the virus is airborne throughout the cabin. Contaminated surfaces is not the primary means of transmission, person to person transmission is. I would not fly without a N95 respirator.
We all know that.
This post addresses the cleanliness of aircraft now, AND especially prior to the virus.
Better air filtration systems and those restrooms with urine all over the floor - plum nasty and germs all over and people go in there and track it all the way throughout the plane and it appalls me that people go barefoot or sock feet to the restrooms - I have been in too many flights with urine sticky all over the floor.
Ja, just like a rural New Jersey diner. Glad to get home.
There's a rural part of New Jersey?
Of course, all of this work has been contracted out for quite some time. Just prior to retirement, last leg of a 4 day ORD-STL, flight attendant comes up and says, "Captain, you have to see this". 2 seats and the floor in the middle of the aircraft had experienced a passenger projective vomiting. The cleaners had departed and we were preparing to board, apparently thinking that a Hokie was sufficient to clean bodily fluids. All over the back of the seats, chunks in the seat tracks, etc. Held boarding and asked for cleaning supervisor, showed her the problem and her response was, "We only have 5 minutes to clean the aircraft". (an MD-80) I told her that she had as long as I said she had to clean the aircraft. She then repeated her original statement, then I repeated MY statement. 45 minutes later, we boarded the aircraft and headed south. Moral of the story, you get what you pay for, but you knew that.
This should not need to happen due to this virus, they, and other airlines, should be doing this after every plane has had passengers deplane. It is a dad fact that people are nasty and do not care about that others will be sitting there later, they just want to get off the plane as fast as they can. I always give any trash to the flight attendents when they come around with the trash bag. Sadly, others cannot do such.
People, in general are pos pigs
How about ROOM to actually put the TRAY TABLE DOWN? And not be 4 1/2 inches front seat back to my FACE!
You can also pay for that room in business class...
The plane may have been cleaned overnight. But unless you take the first flight in the morning it will gradually get worse by the time the plane has gotten to you for an afternoon or night flight. You can take a guess on how many passengers have already sat in that seat the time the jet gets to your airport.....
Muchits 1
They are starting to fog the aircraft on every turn of the day, not just overnights.
All air companies should be following disinfecting & cleaning of all aircraft, at landing points. This should be mandatory. Also every passenger should be responsible to pick up their garbage before leaving the plane. Be responsible & stop the spread of diseases. Be responsible..... you should all learn from this epidemic we are encountering.... this includes Priority & 1st class passengers...... when leaving the plane, these areas are the worst. Please clean up after yourselves.
Thanks for the laugh Delta. New standard as opposed to the old one that compared to a taxi in Africa.
They have not cleaned their planes for at since they were new, every time I fly Delta and I get a survey, I comment for them to clean their planes, what a filthy product they offered and after this is will be the sane old Delta..
Muchits 0
That's good news since the same old Delta is the best U.S. carrier out there
I agree with you!
To me, this looks like more BS PR. Do they say they are concerned about their passenger's health? NO, it is money simply. Then at the counter sometimes gloves are used and sometimes they are not used.
April 1 is still April Fools Day
Even when the "inspection" of the seatback pockets are lame. Checked out from the "checker" whose hands were God knows where. It could be another coronavirus Mary.
Pocket checker needs bullet-proof gloves. What if there are old hyperdermics lying there?
“What if?” Hear that a lot from children.
Sorry Delta, but I’m a long time customer and can’t start to name the amount of nasty trash that I have found in the back seat pocket as well as the dinner trays Not to mention the back of the seat that I cover before I rest my head onto “disgusting”
Does the Delta Clean crew consist of only black people? Your video kinda left me wondering. Surely, when you sat down to decide what actors and actresses to use in your video, you weren't trying to make a subliminal statement were you?
taking credit now for what ought to have been standard and usual for months and years ago seems to be corporate grandstanding. Making money whilst oblivious to the effects of cost cutting on passengers is the true corporate standard. Delta's dog and pony show seems underwhelming
Not as underwhelming as your comment


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