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The 737 Max skyscraper vertically stacks Boeing planes to turn them into residential complexes

Designed as an entrant for the 2020 eVolo Skyscraper Competition, the 737 Max Tower turns one of the world’s most controversial aircrafts of modern times into housing. ( 기타...

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This concept reminds me of "the stacks" from the book "Ready Player One."
What an eyesore. They need to be in the air once they're sorted out.
Opps, wrong code,, should be AFW instead of FWA.
OMG!! what if waste if actually built. Come on Being,, get the Maxes fixed. CAVU here in DFW area,,80s & winds from west mainly,, very few flts. Lots of Amazon cargo coming into FWA, Alliance north of Ft.Worth.Also C-17s in and out of Joint Base n-w side of Ft.Worth.


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