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Boeing CEO Predicts Pandemic Could Put a Major Airline Out of Business

The CEO of aircraft maker Boeing sees a bumpy future for the airline industry, predicting a major carrier will not survive as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. David Calhoun also said the industry will likely struggle for the next three to five years because fears about the disease will keep a lot of the flying public off planes ( 기타...

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wx1996 2
I am so tired of hearing from American Employees how bad their airline executive team is and that the "union" tells they what they do I would not mind if they vanished. It is a sad day when grabby old United offers much better customer service that America.
I had the ‘pleasure’ of flying American a couple of years ago, I didn’t book the ticket so had no choice. I was waiting for boarding and mis-heard an announcement so tried to board with the triple gold, emerald platinum group instead of the copper-diamond elite-minus group... I was made to go stand in the naughty corner by an obviously irate gate agent. Will never use American again.
although I undertand your feelings,courtesy is a 2 way often the agents or flight attendants are put into a "confrontational" situation by a passenger who does not want to follow simple rules, or feels they are an exception for whatever reason..agents and flight attendants are people too, and they have a specific job to do as best they can,often under trying circumstances..dont get me wrong..I do understand that some are really "snarky" and enjoy some kind of "power trip",but that is a minority..
Maybe a minority but why do they all seem to work for American, Delta and United. That seems to speak to an entitlement culture that the airline engenders. I'd done nothing but miss-hear an announcement and most definitely didn't talk back or argue. No surprise that American is poorly regarded and, sadly, I think few would miss it if it disappears.
ADXbear 1
An other positive article without a named company..
djames225 major airline is already potentially out of business due to this guarantee they can survive the bankruptcy hearings.
Even odds on Alitalia and South African.
Italian government is renationalizing Alitalia so it will again be state-owned. South African, Avianca, Virgin Australia: already in bankruptcy
South African may as well already been in bankruptcy proceedings, the way the government was carrying on about it, even before pandemic, Virgin can probably come out of Chapter 11 thou smaller, but I think Avianca is the 1 with no guarantee


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