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ForeFlight Feature Focus: Internet Traffic via FlightAware

Stream live global aircraft traffic directly in ForeFlight with the Internet Traffic feature. In partnership with FlightAware, ForeFlight allows you to view airborne traffic around the globe, and ground traffic at thousands of airports worldwide, to help you gauge airport activity like active arrivals and runways, see how ATC vectors traffic around weather, or assist with planespotting on the ground. Internet Traffic is included in all ForeFlight subscription plans. ( 기타...

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HalHillier 2
Wow what's next..Great
This is great and all but those of us that pay for FlightAware features directly can't even get access to the ground traffic. Why is this data being provided to outside customers but not to those of us that directly pay FlightAware?
Hi Kyle, surface movement data is available in a variety of ways in most of FlightAware's services. In some cases, we distribute the position messages (which is what ForeFlight receives) and in others (like Global and FBO ToolBox), we have implemented a feature we call Ready to Taxi: We're always building new functionality and capabilities into our services, such as visualization positions via the web interface.

Would you like for us to contact you to discuss your services and how you can leverage surface movement?
The issue is you can't visually see it like what's shown in the demo for ForeFlight. We use FBO ToolBox but the closest you can zoom in only allows you to see planes that are on final. As an FBO that uses FBO ToolBox it would be great to be able to visually see the planes on the ground like seen in the demo video. That would be a big help for us in both real time and on playback.
Feel free to reach out.
Another awesome feature in ForeFlight! Thanks a million FlightAware for powering this!
If only software I use at work was as wonderful as foreflight!


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