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Delta flies last MD88 & MD90 flights

Today, June 2nd 2020, marks the end of an era for 2 Delta fleet types as the Delta McDonnell Douglas MD88 and MD90 make their last revenue flight. Both fleet types were set to be gradually phased out this year but had an accelerated retirement due to the covid pandemic. After the 2 iconic aircraft make their last flights with passengers, they will be repositioned to Blytheville Arkansas. ( 기타...

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From the perspective of a passenger, I liked the Mad Dog.
Agreed! I always enjoyed the ride on the Mad Dogs
Always had good rides on them, all the way back to DC9, and also on the 727s. I guessed it had something to do with the power being mounted on the fuselage instead of hung off the wings, but have never seen anything to aerodynamically confirm that. Sad to see them go, but HA will likely be flying the 717s for quite a while yet.
Aerodynamically, under wing engine pods are better. However, there are plenty of other reasons to have the engines in the back (including "the other guys are doing it").
A couple factors contribute to the "fine ride" quality of the MD. Aft fuselage-mounted engines created a far quitter ride for all but the last several rows of the cabin. And the 2-3 seating configuration made for wider seats and half as many middle seats. These all combined to make the MD a passenger's airplane.
I question the wider seats. For Delta, the first class seats are in fact narrower than the Boeings or Airbuses. In coach each seat is about 0.4" wider so 2" over 5 seats, not enough cabin width for another whole seat.I do know the cabin cross section is smaller than most other mainline jets. Also at cruise, the slipstream noise is measurably higher. Agree half as many middle seats is nice though.
All hail and long live the Mad Dog (Angry Puppy).
I hated them when I worked for the federal government, because I always got stuck in the seats beside the engines.
I loved them when I worked for the federal government, because I always got "stuck" in the jumpseat up in the cockpit with the flight crew.*


J Buck

ATP DC-9 B757 B767
Flight Instructor
Ground Instructor
Aircraft Dispatcher
A&P Mechanic
FAA Aviation Safety Inspector (Ret.)
FAA accident investigator (Ret.)
ICAO Panel Member

*It should be noted that whilst in the cockpit I was usually giving a checkride (E.g. ennroute, IOE, Check Airman Qual, etc.)
ADXbear 3
Every day serms to bring more sad aviation news..
I'm sorry, I respect all of your opinions, but mine is exactly opposite. I hated the DC9, the MD 80, 88 & 90! They always had such a long drag before takeoff because of the screaming rear engines, I always felt like the climb was so much more steep and they were so low to the ground, you felt like you were in a car. The longer ones were just a fuselage cut in half with another section welded in between and the same engines for thrust. Because of the 727, Everytime I seen one I felt like the tail was way too small and an engine was missing. After the ValueJet incident in the Everglades and the Alaska Airlines incident off the coast of Los Angeles, you couldn't get me on one of them for all the jumpseat authorities in the world. Haha. Please take this with a grain of salt, but honestly, I'm glad to see them go.
pilotjag 2
So sad... Not only is it the end of an era for the Mad Dogs, but I never got a chance to fly on ANY MD-80 variant. This literally makes me so upset I never got that opportunity :(
Flew from SAN to ATL on one back in December. I thought the flight was on an Airbus but was pleasantly surprised to see the Mad Dog taxi to my gate. My co-workers wife is a nervous flyer so I had to contain my excitement about flying on a "Mad Dog"!!
Great airplane. Either flown by Delta, American, and in my experience Alitalia, Iberia, SAS and a few other European airlines. It was a nice upgrade from the DC-9's that I used to fly on back in the 80's.
wx1996 1


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