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8 people believed to be dead after 2 planes collided over Idaho's Coeur d'Alene Lake

Kootenai Sheriff, Coast Guard recover two victims from downed planes in Lake Coeur d’Alene, Idaho ( 기타...

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lbelzil 7
I can say having flown into that airport, you have not got a lot of room at pattern height. Sorry for the victims.
This is a story about an aviation tragedy and for inexplicable reasons it’s become a political back and forth. Disgusting! Two well intentioned pilots climbed into their respective airplanes and somehow managed to kill them selves and six trusting passengers. This is what we should be discussing in an AVIATION forum, not petty politics.
Thank You for saying that. Had I know this would have happened, I would not have posted this.
I'm wondering if it was those sightseeing floatplanes they have at the lake there. the airport is also failry close by, maybe a couple of miles.
Yes it was a float plane with a family on it visiting from Oregon that took off from the lake and the other was a smaller Cessna flying from a airport over in Spokane, Washington.
Apparently, one of the planes was a sight seeing float plane that took off from the lake with a family visiting from Oregon and the other was a smaller Cessna with 2 people on it that took off from a airport called Felt's Field in Spokane, Washington. As of 10 pm MST July 6th, only half the bodies have been recovered.
SFRobert 1 (Flight sim recreation of KSFF)
8 people are dead, One was a friend and colleague of mine...
It's a tragedy. So very sorry for y'all.

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YES, facts are VERY inconvenient for ignorant people.
interesting. What is your definition of 'discriminate'?


1. find hole in sand, stick head in.

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Interesting that CNN doesn't understand that two airplanes are NOT aircraftS they are aircrafT! I see that a lot lately.
jmonroe -7
maybe Pravda?

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Hey Bentwing60 - I’m going to give you an “upvote” as you are correct if you’re referring to the Xinhua (ZH?) News Agency. It is common for Chinese and even others to refer to multiple aircraft as “aircrafts”. No big deal - have a good week-end!!
Zero Hedge, you can take back your vote now.
bentwing60 -1
Quite a flurry of pseudo expunging of the opinion of a long term participant on this site. Not to worry, most of the downvotes came from folks whom have never squawked, posted on this site, and don't watch cnn either! The reaction to a mere comment that some choose to see as a recommendation about whose news to choose, though it was not, says it all.

discriminate, to choose the path that is in your favor, or the most favorable outcome in general, My version! In an airplane, it's called situational awareness.
SFRobert 1
Weren’t you the one who posted the original pithy retort that you don’t discriminate and won’t watch CNN? And now you quote Robert Frost about the road not taken? You could have chosen not to stir the pot in the first place. There’s a road you didn’t take.


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