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The Blue Angels Just Got Their 1st Super Hornet Jet in Aircraft Upgrade

After more than three decades in legacy Hornet jets, the Blue Angels got a big upgrade this week. The Navy's elite demonstration squadron received its first F/A-18 Super Hornet on Monday. Capt. Eric Doyle, director of the Blue Angels Super Hornet transition team, flew the squadron's first Super Hornet about 350 miles across the state of Florida on Monday, from Boeing Cecil Field to Naval Air Station Pensacola. The Blue Angels are replacing their aging F/A-18C/D aircraft with 11 new… ( 기타...

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John Hay 5
The F4 was A tremendous looking aircraft!
So was the RA5 VIGILANTE!
darjr26 5
Bring back the F4 Phantoms!
I remember them transitioning out of the A-4 Skyhawks when I was working in the F/A-18 program at NAS Cecil Field in Jacksonville. It was a pretty neat experience to see them put on a single aircraft mini-show each time they picked up one.
The Blue Angels are homeported in Pensacola, FL, and during the spring and fall, they practice for an hour every morning. I was stationed in Pensacola for 6 months for flight training, and our house was pretty close to the end of the runway. So we got an hour-long airshow almost every morning.
And as a bonus, no alarm clocks are needed! ;)
Waking up to the sound of Freedom!
Jet Noise.....The Sound of Freedom
I can remember seeing the Blue Angels flying F-4 Phantom IIs as a kid at Offutt AFB in Nebraska as a kid. I have seen them in the F/A-18s that they currently fly at least 3 times. I can't wait to see them in the new planes.
I remember living on the Navy base in El Centro California NPTR when I was 9-12 years old, witness to the 4 F-4 Blue Angles crash into the desert while practicing for the upcoming summer shows, no shows that year. Next year saw the Blue Angles new Aircraft the A-4 my dad let me set in one I was thrilled.
John Hay 2
I went from the A4 to A7, VA46. It was a GREAT EXPERIENCE!
Are they actually "new" planes or converted existing stock?
30west 2
The Navy contracted the manufacturer to convert existing fleet Super Hornets (FA-18E's & -18F's) into Blue Angel configured Super Hornets. The -C/D models are totally different airframes from the -E/F models. It would be like covering a B767 into a B777, not possible.
They're probably coming from a training squadron. That's what they did when they went to them back in the 80s. They picked up single-seat (except for a couple of two-seaters) from VFA-106.
So, not "new" aircraft, but not a conversion. You can't convert a "C" to an "E". There are significant airframe changes.
John Hay 2
SWEET! I can't wait to see and hear one flying around NAS JAX.
John Hay 2
I loved to watch the F4s catapult off the decks of Saratoga & JFK.
This is Big... Nothiung like New Airplane Smell.....The Crews and Pilots will Love this.....
This is going to be so much fun.
Until the aircraft are all the same, won't it be difficult to fly with different type aircraft?

They'll have slightly different characteristics.
Do you think they will add new moves to their routine with the increased capabilities?
Here's a great interview with Capt Eric Doyle from last week's EAA Spirit of Aviation Week. He speaks about the transition for a bit


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