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Airbus just acquired a prop plane to act as a research lab in the sky, collecting data to develop self-flying aircraft – here's how it works

Airbus' Silicon Valley incubator Acubed is pressing forward with a data collection program that will support future autonomous flight operations. Acubed's Project Wayfinder just acquired a Beechcraft Baron 58 and equipped it with onboard cameras and instrumentation to be used as a flying lab for researchers. Successful test flights of a self-flying Airbus A350-1000 XWB proved the concept of self-flying planes viable with Project Wayfinder aiming to make it a reality. Airbus proved that… ( 기타...

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The story behind this story is that the Beech Baron and aircraft just like her will never be replaced by a self-flying a/c because they are designed for people who love to pilot aircraft. How extremely ironic!


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