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Woman Walks Onto Aircraft Wing After She Said She Was “Too Hot”

A Ukrainian mother has been blacklisted after taking a stroll and sitting down on the wing of a Ukraine International Airlines Boeing 737-800. ( 기타...

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C172Rpilot 16
That's what I call a "Hot Flash"
That’s why we can’t have nice things...
When I was a greenhorn FO, I used to tell a lame joke when welcoming the pax. "There are two smoking lounges on this aircraft. Feel free at any time during the flight to step out onto the wing and light up." One day a grizzled old captain said, "You should stop telling that story, son. In the first place everybody has already heard it. In the second place, one of these days some stupid SOB will try it."
Haha that advice is dead on.
No one listened when her husband kept screaming 'my wife is hot!'
I hope she didn't do that at cruising altitude.
But seriously: I can't understand that she was able to do that without being challenged by other pax or cabin crew !
She couldn't just walk down the stairs?
At least it looks like she was wearing a mask.
Reminds me of the old Twilight Zone episode about the monster on the wing of the airliner.
olsende 2
"There's something on the wing! There's some THING on the wing!"

It was William Shater playing the roll of the passenger.
LoL, the gremlin
I remember that episode well!
and I thought los Angeles had all the wackos than god nobody got hurt.
I'm so glad she didn't get "to hot" 20 minutes earlier.
How hot was she
It's Ukraine. Next it's Blonde Lives Matter spreading out of there that will spread across the world.
Ric Ben 2
Another video to add to the 'Infrequent Flyer Follies' Video Series collection.
At least it appears that the the exit slide was not deployed.
This wing stroll happened on a Boeing 737-800, which does not have slides for the over-wing exits. The plane sits low enough that evacuees are supposed to slide down the extended trailing edge flaps.
I hope they were still on the ground vs in flight

Kind of reminds me of William Shatner in a Twilight Zone episode:
In my 54 years of airline travel have never been told not to open the emergency exits, nor have I seen a sign on the doors indicating when and who is allowed to operate them. I have not been shown any document informing me of a "code of conduct" or any laws I must follow as a passenger. So did she even know that what rule she was breaking?

Just because something is obvious common sense doesn't mean that it will prevail.
garritt 1
well they did say " get on the plane " duh !
Having sat in a taxi way oven for hours at the time I can't help but wonder what the cabin temperature and 02 levels were. Not trying to justify nor excuse...but some of the expectations are bizarre.
Possibly her first time flying????????
I understand how she felt, I have been in a stifling hot plane on a sunbaked tarmac for what felt like an eternity, but if people were de-planing, why didn't she just de-plane with her kids? And it seems to me the wing of a jet plane in the sun is going to be pretty bloody hot, too.
AWAAlum 1
When you're hot, you're hot.
When you're not, you're not.
M Jay 1
Now she's went and ruined it for everybody who wants to ride on the wings...
Hopefully a cold dark cell is in her future.
dee9bee -3
A bit 'Looney Toons' or maybe just claustrophobic? They had recently arrived at the gate. Were the a/c packs operating? Ukrainian charter flight...they were probably packed in there like sardines. While that doesn't justify a little stroll out on the left wing, I have to give her a little leeway without knowing more.
dee9bee 7
One more thing. She's probably one of the few passengers that took the time to actually read the seatback emergency card!

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Did you read the article? It said she walked halfway up the isle and opened the emergency door because she was hot and wanted some fresh air.
Joe Fiala -2
I read it but it's sarcastic comment on the state of US medical and legal system that we often don't take responsibility for our actions and warped reasoning leads to blaming someone else for our poor choices:/


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