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Airlines say survival depends on bailouts, reopened borders

The International Air Transport Association is asking for coordinated government action to help airlines get back on their feet by taking a risk-based approach to reopening borders, providing financial and regulatory relief. ( 기타...

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Airlines are businesses just like any other and need to learn to survive on their own. It is not up to the taxpayer to provide support for any business. The policy of too big to fail is a failed policy. If a business is too big to fail then they fall into a monopoly category and should be broken down.
I disagree... Our country uses the airlines everyday to transport military and other personnel... Airlines are critical to the US and cannot allow them to fail.... GreyHound and similar industries do not support the government like the airlines in times of need.
Actually, what needs to happen is the airlines need to be broken apart so they are not too big to fail. The problem is we have put all of our eggs in one basket.
Yes... and that was mention when all the mergers were approved with deregulation if you remember a number of years ago... Back in the 90's... Think it was Clinton that allowed that.
I think this reasoning has a lot of merit. The question is, do we support airlines to keep all the jobs they won't need for three or more years until business returns to where it was? But there is no doubt that airlines are critical to the economy and probably should get some special consideration, where justified.
If you let them shut down now, will be next to impossible to bring them back in 3 or 4 years... Too much will be lost in personnel, aircraft, and othe resources.
Fair point. I guess the question is whether to help preserve jobs, not the companies, when it's an external crisis not of their making. The companies will survive, but many employees will be terminated.
dean..i am guessing you were not around when the airlines were "deregulated" in the 1970's,in order to provide for more competition?what occurred through the years was not so much more competition,but a lot of baknkruptcies and yes,mergers,in order for companies to some reading on the subject and you will see what actually happened since the 70's..the airline industry has become an integral part of our economy through the years,just as cars and trains..would you have felt the same about the auto industry, such as general motors ,back in the 2008/2009 serious recession?our economy is a deck of stacked cards or dominoes..if one falls,the rest follow,and a monopoly situation is totally different than what is happening to the airline industry.. ..
Something needs to happen... The airlines are imperative to our country
Greg77FA 2
Open the borders up. Its not just airlines - all business matter and we can't let our country or any other sink into despair.
bbabis 1
AmTrack, Greyhound, cruise lines, etc. all would love bailouts also. It's just that the post Covid transportation world is a new beast and must be adopted to by the organizations that best think outside the box and into the future. At some point people will want to travel again at some lesser percentage but in the mean time we can't afford to pay people to stay at home and wait.


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