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Delta Welcomes First New Widebody Planes Since COVID-19 Pandemic

Delta Air Lines (DL) will soon take delivery of two brand-new Airbus A350-900 aircraft from Airbus in Toulouse-Blagnac (TLS), France. The aircraft, N514DN, and N515DN are scheduled to depart TLS on September 16th for Tokyo-Narita and Amsterdam respectively. The two A350s are the first wide-body planes to be delivered to the Atlanta-based carrier since the COVID-19 pandemic erupted at the beginning of the year. ( 기타...

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whatever works..! lets hope the customers come back in order for new aircraft to be a profitable purchase...
Wow - this is good news and perhaps a necessary acquisition due to the 777 retirements. The article spoke of a number of A330-900's being held in Toulouse, but didn't say how many.
Joe Wood 2
An American company that will become and an entirely European only fleet.
mmc7090 -5
No mention of carbon tax or the EU taxes. Naive to think that the globalist archetypes aren't getting their cut off the top. Tax evasion used to be a crime to all the Socialist s like the head of HR for Delta and his BLM BS total hypocrisy.
In my studied opinion, as an accountant, this would be tax avoidance, not tax evasion. Tax avoidance is perfectly legal. However, technically, it is not a tax, but a tariff.
Why both the A330 & 350. Seems redundant
A330neo-900 has somewhat shorter range and a bit lower passenger capacity than A350-900, but it’s a lighter airplane so trip cost may be lower. Delta could use A359 for their longest routes, A339 for routes where the additional range is not needed.

Delta fleet planners may not much depend on our advice here in the FlightAware comments boards when selecting aircraft!
Well put!
Different missions.
Jim Smirh -2
Not sure about coverage, but Airways execs must be living in luxury based on how many ads they have! This was my first and last visit to their site.
How old is this article? There are already people whining about it on Seatguru! Good grief!

This thing is a monster too. 32 closed suites, 49 'premium select' seats, and 226 standard seats. Wow...
This isn't about the first A350 for Delta, just the first delivery since the hiatus due to the pandemic.
"By Benjamin Bearup - Sept.15, 2020

Right below the article title there RC!

Can't believe Enrique beat Mr. airways mag. to the punch.

Carry on Enrique!
Um, that's when it was posted HERE, not when the article first popped into existence.

But I've seen reviews on Amazon, for one, that are out before the product is.

The article from, squawked here on the same day it is credited to the author on their site.

Obtuse=RC, the king of the cpsc!
Okay, whatever. I was commenting that on SeatGuru, people are already complaining about a plane that Delta doesn't even fly yet. I was asking if the article was old enough to actually give time for Delta to actually fly the planes and have people in them to know what they are complaining about.

So, dickish much?
No more than yourself & more pleasing to read than you.


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