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Last ever Airbus A380 superjumbo assembled in France

Bye bye big bird, No more A380's being built in France ( 기타...

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mdburd 6
I'll miss her, too; glad I had the opportunity to fly on her--which if these massive retirements keep happening--may be resigned to history.
One of the greatest double-deckers yet! It was cool watching her take off from YYZ with Emirates.
I’m sure that the $25B dev cost includes as much financial junk as the accountants could throw in. It is a very sad day but I’ve had the opportunity to fly on A380’s on a couple of occasions. Just wish is was an airline other than BA!

I guess if we want to fly A380’s in future we have to think about getting to Dubai somehow!
Sorry to be so childish in my old age, but I want to sit next to a window, and watch the countryside. (I can watch a film or a stupid rerun of Frasier at home). With a huge plane like this the ratio of window seats drops waaaay down. Sorry for the interruption to everyone's pleasant day.
Sad news. Gone way too soon
I don’t know if I will ever have another chance to fly on a A380, but I will always fondly remember the quiet comfort of the cabin.
Sad. I really wanted to fly on one, and still might get the chance, but it's a bummer that they are ending.
mbrews 3
- Article says the A380 program had a $ 25 billion development cost. Since this last airframe is serial # 272, the Development cost per plane sold = $ 92 million.

That figure does not include ANY actual manufacturing cost per plane. So, it seems that the A380 program overall caused bigtime losses for Airbus company.
And that $25B figure may be the product of 'creative accounting'
I will miss this old bird. If you think they aren't massive you should see one fly over as it lands and you can count the treads in the tires. I wonder why none of the air freight companies don't buy a cargo conversion and give the AN-225 a run for its' money.
It could never lift the weight or size of cargo the AN225 can lift as it was never designed as a freighter. To fly cargo with seats removed, it would need a massive amt, each flight, to achieve any sort of profit.
Remember the 747 was designed, and built, to be an either/or aircraft.
Didn’t Lufthansa say they had someone to asked them to turn a A380 into a cargo conversion aircraft??
Yes..they did just as I said..removed the seats, galley etc..but it is bulky cargo. not heavy and again, theu have to fill the complete craft to make a profit on each flight
I didnt know they were just removing the seats and galley’s. I thought they were actually converting it like you would a 737 p2f
As of right now, the modifications only pass the temporary passenger to freighter exemptions.
Seats and galley removal etc..the etc is adding the cargo load floor and plumbing in fire suppression.
Ahh. Ok Thank you.
Bye-bye A380, A380 goodbye! (To the tune of 'Bye Bye Baby" by the Bay City Rollers)
The project was a true white elephant from the start and should never have got off the concept board


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