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How Far Can A Modern Twin Jet Fly On One Engine?

While engine failures these days are rare, they still happen from time to time. However, passengers don’t need to worry, as modern jets are designed to fly safely on one engine. ( 기타...

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ETOPS. Engines Turn or Passengers Swim.
I love it!
bbabis 4
Considering that not a single distance is given in the article to answer the question, the question should have been "how long can a modern twin jet fly on one engine." The answer is that ETOPS gives you a safe time and fuel in the tanks gives you the ultimate time.
ALT2870 4
Simple, however much fuel is in the tanks.
Might have something to do with the 'wind'.
For the distance flown, yes; for the time flown, no.
If answers any questions, they are either 'very simple' or the misinformation presented is often poorly researched or flat out wrong. But it's simple!

A 30,000 hr. ATP sittin' at the gate in a 787 waitin' on a 14 hour journey couldn't answer the question, other than the ETOPs issues, basically 3 hours S.E. over water, and that ain't exactly a 'how far' reply.
It's for the simpletons. I love how they confuse their definitions of engine running time and the purpose of ETOPS.
How far can a modern twin jet fly?

To quote Ron White: 'To the site of the crash!'
John D 2
I know next to nothing about the physics that makes planes, but I know enough that is the USA Today of aviation news. I learn more about aviation from reading comments here from experienced pilots that I would every learn from that crappy click-bait website.
Tomorrow's headline:

"KLM 737 flight leaves with one less passenger than initially anticipated"
So, the way the explanation reads is that at the end of the ETOPs rating time, the plane will quit flying?
All the way to the crash site?
How far can a modern twin jet fly on one engine?

To quote Ron White: 'To the site of the crash!'
And they’ll beat the paramedics there by about a half an hour...

To finish the quote
I happened to see that, for the first time, as I was packing for a transcontinental flight. I laughed my butt off. I hate flying, but love to travel, and that routine really made me laugh and made that trip so much better. (Flying to Sydney Australia, a long flight indeed)

He has nearly the same sense of humor that I have. After flying for over 4 hours, landing in LAX, we were looking for food. We ended up in the Alaska club where they were serving REAL FOOD! Restaurant sized portions of real Salmon, and all the trimmings! We were so blown away. The wife commented that this was unexpected, and so much appreciated. I commented that it was like the 'last supper'. Yeah, I got 'the look', and a few of the people around me heard it and I got a look of horror from a few. But, yeah, it was so unexpected. We'd grazed through the cheese and veggies at the Delta club, so didn't expect anything different. Surprise... Maybe they changed their club by now, but their club, at that point, would almost make it worth flying their airline more often.

But Ron White. Funny, but he also needs some new material. I saw one of his latest performances in the box, and was surprised that he was retelling two routines that I've seen him do a few times before. Disappointed, but he IS funny.
Chris B 1
ETOPS rating is all very good at the start of a flight, but not at the end when the aircraft may have as little as 60 minutes fuel on board.
ETOPS does not abrogate alternate and min. fuel requirements and 60' fuel means you are in that state!

If you are thinkin' ETOPS with 60 minutes fuel left, you missed a class or two.


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