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Airbus Corporate Jets launches ACJ TwoTwenty business jet

Airbus Corporate Jets has launched the ACJ TwoTwenty business jet, creating a whole new market segment “The Xtra Large Bizjet. ( More...

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Kevin Keswick 5
This is another kick in the gut for Bombardier. The jet that they spent (and lost) billions developing is now going to be competing with it's Global Jets.
Sue Lockwood 5
The same people who negotiated the 220 deal with Airbus ran Bombardier to the brink of bankruptcy. Horrible mismanagement.
paul gilpin 1
there must be something i'm missing, or someone else is.
the embraer lineage should have had this segment of the market locked up.
butt it would NOT be the first time airbut charged into a market with no demand.
hey guys, let's convert an A380 into a bizjet. everyone will want one.


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