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JetBlue Reveals Its First Ever Airbus A220

JetBlue today revealed its first Airbus A220 to the world. ( 기타...

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jet blue is perfect for this airbs 220 and will be rewarded with higher profitability returns someday soon, when passenger counts increase and return to nearly the pre-covid numbers. I wish Southwest airlines would join the party and put 200 or more of these planes into service and hit new markets of secondary cities.
In normal times I would say that it's not going ot happen, but right now I think a lot of otherwise unthinkable changes are likely to be on the table for many companies. I still think it's unlikely as there should be a vaccine sometime soon, and once that happens you are looking at another 6 months or so before we get back to some kind of normality. I don't think Southwest will break a nearly 50 year business model for the sake of a two year 'blip'. But stranger things have happened...
another kick in the USA planemaker market! just shows how devastation bad management can be!
Mobile, Alabama is in the USA isn’t it?


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