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‘Boris Force One’ A330 Jet Completes First Official Engagement

This weekend saw the United Kingdom’s A330 ‘Boris Force One’ jet complete its first official engagement. ( More...

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Bae 146? First built in 1983! I think we can do a bit better than that.
Think how many school lunches one trip carrying a blond scruffy not very bright individual would pay for!
andrew walker 1
PC could have gone by train and spared the planet he loves so much!
Poundland Trump strikes again
Why did they not use the BA 146, that is the purpose of the aircraft? In 2020 total travel costs for the royals cost £2,825,633 for the year 2019-2020 this is rather a lot of money. Cannot they subsidise this themselves from their various businesses? They should consider a Piper Aircraft or a Beechcraft King Air which would fit them all if needed and they could easily purchase the aircraft themselves and then they can fly whenever and where ever they wish and Charles can fly, he went to the RAF College at Cranwell in Lincolnshire in March 1971, getting his wings in the August of that year this would see a return on the cost of his time spent at RAF Cranwell. There would be no more problems regarding costs to the British taxpayer. If Scotland became independent the Airbus would need another livery, with their own aircraft they could advertise Charles's products as well. May be Philip could start a driving school and the aircraft could tow an air banner, there are no limits to the advantages of having your own aircraft could offer. Mel. J.
This was about the plane used by/for the Prime Minister, not the royal family...though your point still stands!
sergio rufino 1
Well, actually, the article does state "rather than carrying UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the aircraft carried heir to the British Throne, Prince Charles, to the brand new Berlin Brandenburg Airport."
Bandrunner 0
I sincerely hope it's used more as a tanker (and regularly) than for ferrying fat-assed VIPs around at taxpayers' expense.
Otherwise it would be a total waste of money. Bloody government thinks it's in the 1950s and the plebs will shut up and do as they're told.
bouleyloon 3
He's unlikely to use it much as always seems to be catching COVID, or hiding when big decisions are required :) Just hope it's not required for any conflict any time soon as it's very bright white and would require another few hundred thousand pounds to repaint it RAF grey
Kevin Thomson 0
Marxist man utd supporting school children can be so pesky.

wishing them all a truly Dickensian Christmas.


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