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Delta Skirts Trump Tariffs by Sending Airbus Jets on World Tour

Delta Air Lines Inc. is sidestepping millions of dollars in U.S. tariffs on European jetliners by initially routing them far outside the country to such places as Amsterdam, Tokyo and El Salvador. The U.S. carrier has taken delivery of seven European-built Airbus SE planes since President Donald Trump’s levies took effect in October 2019. Rather than flying them home as it had in the past, Delta has based the aircraft overseas. The decision, coupled with the definition of new planes in the… ( More...

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jptq63 10
Guess other carriers (thinking Jet Blue) could do this as well; wonder if any carrier would set up a subsidiary and then buy plan from the subsidiary as a "USED" aircraft. May save some fuel costs. Reading this part of article --- The Delta strategy rests on language that classifies planes as used once they’ve flown for any reason other than testing and delivery. --- and wonder if Airbus might just do this to save the airlines the costs.... Guess Boeing could then do the same.
Bruce Horwitz 7
Volvo and other carmakers have used this rule (no tariffs on used vehicles) for years. You buy the car at your local dealer and Volvo gives you round trip airfare to Sweden, where you pick up your car, drive it around for a week (or more), and then drop it at the port to be shipped home. Heck, they even put you up in a hotel the first night. The car price is generally less expensive than if you took one off the lot.
SkyAware123 -1
uhm, no, that's not the same. Bmw did as well. It's an option to take, nothing to do w taxes.
Bruce Horwitz 7
Uhm, yes, it is the same. The reason they offer it is to avoid the import duties on new cars. It comes in as a used car. There would be no benefit to Volvo to give you all that stuff if they still had to pay the import duty.
SkyAware123 -1
nope. Done it myself. They still are charged import duties. It's billed to the person buying the car.
patrick baker 26
that delta had to find a creative (sneaky, but admirable) sidestep to an idiotic ruling from both sides of the atlantic, says to me at least that enough is enough- fix the stupidity together and lets get back to mutual commerce. Delta can and probably will establish crew bases and aircraft basing in europe to evade these tariffs, and god bless them for that.
John Smith 0
You can't fix government stupidity.
Mike Boote 11
"In the case of the Airbus tariffs, the Trump administration appears to have created the very loophole Delta may be using." In this case, Delta would be dumb to not do this. No one volunteers to pay extra taxes.
Peter Ashby 4
Not even DJT!
DGR Rathborne 6
Cleaver ..Very Cleaver . And i bet that after X number of hours , Delta can label them " Used " and bring them
into the USA routes ..... Now thats thinking outside the Box !!
Sean Sims 8
Delta found a loophole that should have been identified before the tariffs were enacted. This is no different than someone exploiting tax code loopholes, CARES Act loopholes (as we saw with the recent Atlas story), etc. The government knows everyone will look for loopholes so it's on them for not being more vigilant and ensuring the tariffs were airtight.
SkyAware123 4
All they had to do was to charge the tariff on importing used planes as well. It's almost as if they did it on purpose; Charge a tariff to look tough yet it is easy to bypass. Don't forget, Europe has had tariffs on tons of stuff for decades already. That's what started this but the media leaves those pesky little facts out.
dav555 2
Exactly. Many Americans are ignorant of the fact that the Europeans, our supposed allies, have had tariffs on many of our exports for decades, while we allowed them to export many of their products to us tariff-free. There are also the egregious barriers to entry that Europe uses to protect its domestic industries. Why should the U.S. not be allowed to reciprocate? Tariffs are the only way, short of physical force, to encourage other countries to play fair and play by the rules. The middle-class in the U.S. started to wake up to the fact that we've been getting ripped off on trade by China and other countries for many years, which has hurt our industries and especially blue-collar workers. I guess a lot of people went back to sleep.
SkyAware123 2
The solution would be to charge the same for the same products. For instance Europe charges 10% on car imports, then the US charges 10% on car imports from Europe. Seems fair.
Bruce Horwitz 1
It is pretty standard for used items to be exempt from tariffs. Why? because generally tariffs are charged to the entity in the import business and not to the owner of the item. The "waiting period" for an item to become "used" varies, presumably based on when the market for the item would consider it used - this to prevent someone from becoming an importer of "used" new items to avoid the tariffs. For cars it's a relatively short time but for planes it's longer (airlines don't really care if someone else owned the plane for a week)
SkyAware123 1
If the owner imports the plane they are the 'entity'
It just shows there's always someone smarter who will bypass this kind of stuff.
Ken Lane 1
If we had an honest media the political response by the people of this nation would change drastically.
Lois Lettini -1
I think PBS does a very good job - in comparison.
Ken Lane 5
If PBS had a product worth looking at they would compete in the private sector instead of sucking off the taxpayers' teat.
Andy cripps 0
PBS gets less than 5% of its income from the taxpayer.
Ken Lane 1
That's irrelevant. They should get zip from taxpayers.
SkyAware123 3
"PBS" and "good job" do NOT fit in the same sentence.
Lois Lettini -3
But then, some of us just have higher standards, than others. It may be too difficult/intellectual for "some" to follow. They do use big words and have less pictures.
SkyAware123 3
lol. pbs programming level is at high school level. typical elitist talk.
Lois Lettini -3
As the saying goes, "It is hard enough to win an argument with a smart person, but impossible to win one with a stupid one."
dflegel 4
Embargoes, sanctions and tariffs don’t work.
Jamar Jackson 1
The new jets can come home next year. Trump moving back to palm beach Florida. Was served 60 days notice to vacate.
DaveRK 4
FWIW, I despise 45.
But how about we keep the current politics out of FA?
SkyAware123 1
So, FIRST you claim you despise 45, THEN you want us to keep politics out of FA ??????? LOL. GREAT example, buddy.
Peter Ashby 1
It's a government and therefore political thing!
canuck44 1
not mentioned in the article; Where were they registered. Can't claim them as used with a brand new US tail number.
Delta did this with their deliveries from Boeing and McDonnell Douglas in the 1990s too. When purchased, they were flown to outside the U.S., and then the transfer of ownership was accomplished in a special flight that circled in international airspace. Once the signatures were completed, the aircraft flew back to departure airport. It's next flight was to the U.S. as a revenue flight.
Joseph Sede 1
I have NEVER been a fan of Delta. Now even less.
dflegel 0
Thus tariffs on both sides of the pond are stupid to begin with. Hopefully with trump out, things willl go back to better relations. It’s hard to place tariffs on a company when it’s a global market. Good job for delta!
Ken Lane 2
You think they left doesn't want the tax receipts?

He was trying to equalize trade and put more business in US hands. You have a problem with that?
Ken Lane 1
I guess some liberal idiots hate Trump more than they hate tariffs on product imports so they vote down my comment.


But, you're welcome to prove me wrong.
dav555 5
A lot of people will come back around once the elites start offshoring jobs again and our trade deficit skyrockets over the next several years.
jmilleratp -5
That's how COVID got into the U.S. like it did, by taking a different route. Travel with China was shut down (but, there were a number of exceptions for people). So, people just flew from China to Europe, then flew to the U.S.
Ric Wernicke 0
Delta might want to rethink the strategy. Other large multinationals have tried similar tricks to avoid taxes, which is not against the law, but they will find themselves on the naughty list at the Treasury Dept. and that can lead to an assessment that would make the airplane tax look reasonable.
Another reason to love my airline!
Bill Waters -9
Americans should BOYCOTT Delta. To Hell with them and this after taking Federal Subsidies complements of the U. S. TAXPAYERS. Screw Delta!
Peter Ashby 3
Oh please do, better my chances of an upgrade.
Are you in favour of Bill’s boycott or Bill’s screwing? It’s not clear from you comment. ;)
zuluzuluzulu -2
And I quote from 2016 Presidential debate:

“The only years that anybody’s ever seen were a couple of years when he had to turn them over to state authorities when he was trying to get a casino license, and they showed he didn’t pay any federal income tax,” Clinton said.

Trump quickly retorted: “That makes me smart.”
Ken Lane 5
You are aware, there is no requirement for a political candidate to disclose tax returns? There's a very specific federal statute to that effect. And, to also address the effort by House Democraps to obtain his returns, there was once an opinion written by deputy attorney general named John Haron. He was appointed by Jimmy Carter.

Finally, there is the issue of California passing a law to demand tax returns of political candidates. That won't fly, either, by the time it gets to the USSC and should be stopped at the Ninth Circus Appeals bench. A certain judge once opined on the sanctity of privacy of tax returns when she sat on the DC appeals bench. Her name... Ruth Ginsberg.

Oh, and there is no demand one pay more in taxes than is legally required by the written code. And, anyone who does is a fool.
zuluzuluzulu 0
All that is informative but totally irrelevent. Trump LOST. But before he LOST, he created a tax with a basic loop hole that Delta found and exploited. Smart and legal!

Trump may keep his taxes private but that won't keep him out of jail. Dont forget to donate his defense campaign!
Ken Lane 0
What crime did Trump commit?

Was it as bad as violating the Espionage Act as was done by Clinton and Obama? Yes, they did so by using an illegal email server to transmit and store classified data.

How about her repeated lies before Congress, under oath, about Benghazi?

I can go on.

So, take your liberal BS and go perform a physical impossibility upon yourself. You're probably one of those who thinks a Flight Review is limited to only one hour. Oh, wait. You don't mention holding any tickets. So, you're probably a wannabe who should never be in control of a snow sled, much less an aircraft in flight.
zuluzuluzulu 0
R-i-ight, another pilot with a god complex. Yippeee!

And you must think this is your platform and having tickets is the only qualifier here. I don't have any pilots licenses. But i do have a couple flight crews that do.
Ken Lane 0
I'm must a lowly flight instructor who has been flying since 1981 and I read more than the average liberal idiot.

Perhaps you should learn to do so as well.

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[This comment has been downvoted. Show anyway.]

Bob Kamman -9
Depends on how you round. Biden is at 49.51%, Trump at 49.23%. Fortunately the state doesn't need a runoff for Electors. The margin is only about 14,000 votes (maybe less now that some votes were found in a red county). Delta has 33,000 employees in Georgia. Enough to make a difference.


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