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Solving the dry ice challenge for COVID vaccine

SkyCell says it will begin manufacturing an airfreight container that takes less ice, enabling flights to be loaded with more COVID vaccines. ( 기타...

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I must be perfectly honest with some here. As a senior, the virus does not spread to us by osmosis. Yet we are by all measurements, the most likely to experience devastating results. I don't see that as hysteria, but a real fear for those in my age group (which represents almost 20% of the U.S. population).

We do not bury our heads in the sand, but so many do isolate themselves to keep from getting sick. We watch as those who do get it, are not here today. Some are our friends and family.

Yes, today there are more treatments available today (versus what we had in March), and it is prudent that an infrastructure to be put in place for the distribution of these vaccines.

Also remember, it is mostly spread by those younger than us. And what scares us as much as the illness, is too many in society today have become so selfish - thinking that the welfare of others in our community do not matter.
Your last point is profound. All countries have their challenges with some possessing more of the selfishness that you mention which does make things harder in some countries more so than others.
Science will find a way and the wanna-be's and huckers will drop the wayside.
You must not be from the US as Canadian deaths attributed to C-19 are ~12,000 and Mexico ~104,000. What country has only 1 death due to C-19? Are you suggesting that governments are playing the numbers?
County. Not country. There are 3,007 counties in the US and another 135 county equivalent jurisdictions making a total of 3,142. Our county (c-o-u-n-t-y) has had 427 positive tests, 17 hospitalizations and 3 deaths out of a population of 77,000. Chances of surviving if infected based on those numbers is 99.3%. The adjacent county, with about half the population, has had 1 death.
My mistake but as it is county (C O U N T Y) not sure that any conclusion on such a small capture group is a solid basis for generalizations or theories. But let's move on.
The higher the population the more spread the more sick the more dead.
you're 99.3% is irrelevant based on the small population. If 1 million people decided to move in today, your 99.3% would quickly drop.
One would think that companies such as Yeti or Engel, who makes high end coolers that can keep things cold for days with little ice, could have devised something that would work. At least there are those working on the storage solution needs.
Wow. Are you guys serious? The US death rate from COVID is making you look like the laughing stock of the world, and yet some of you continue to keep your head firmly wedged in the sand. Apogee of stupidity?
Yeah - I think you're already there mate.
davemc380, Thank you for stating in a nutshell what many of my fellow US citizens fail to, or don't want to, see or admit. The hubris of my country is unbelievable, and possibly fatal.
The outbreak has been a test of character as much as physical health. The virus cares not about the physical and is blind to politics and personal beliefs. Individual and country character, however, is the sole responsibility of the person and country. Not easy I know but some societies have developed a sense of privilege over the last few generations. Now just wait for the madness and greed to be exposed in such privileged countries.
I agree with you completely
I think one needs to look at the deaths per million to get a true picture of what's going on. Total numbers are deceptive. Obviously a larger population might lead to higher overall covid cases. As of 11/27/20 of the 19 countries listed with deaths per million over 700 the USA comes in at 11. Obviously not a number to be proud of but certainly not one out of line with some other European countries, etc.
However, as the self-proclaimed leader of the free world, would it be inappropriate to expect better from the US? Far far better? Also, let's see for a moment, to add proper context, who is rated worse than the USA on a /million basis:

Belgium, Spain, Italy, Peru, UK, Argentina, Moldova, Mexico, Brazil and Chile. With the exception of the minority, most that are worse than the US (leader of the free world) are either second or third world countries. Surely, surely, a claim of "Hey we are #11! ! !" is nothing to boast about. Although here may be some fluidity in the numbers, the full list is here:
That same page shows the US is
#1 in Deaths in last 7 days
#1 in Daily increase (# deaths)
Also you cant just go by deaths. Millions have long lasting problems or disabilities if they are lucky enough not to die. Context.
The US is up sh*t's creek and it is where it is because of poor leadership. Full stop. History will someday, forever link 100's of thousands of deaths in the US to one rolly polly orange haired megalomaniac. BUT let us not forget that he is a symptom and not the cause. He was voted in.
Ask yourself why he was voted in. Until the voting public in the US realize that career politicians do not have their best interests in mind and votes all incumbents out every election cycle for about 6 election cycles We will have even worsening politcal issues. The Pelosis, McCains, Kenendys, Schumers, McConnells, Lewises, etc. that go to Washington and play games instead of working for the people for 20, 30 or more years do not do what we want is one of the biggest issues we have in Washington.

Trump is a sign of the symptom and was elected due to both parties having issues, but when a specific set is disparaged, they are gonna fight back and as such, Trump was elected. Once Congress and other poitical entities realize that they work for us, and as such, work to keep up safe, we will have issues with diseases, viruses, and other problems that will endager human life and cause meaningless deaths.
To consider , , , , the cost of voting against the establishment and voting for a totally unqualified huckester as a sign of protest can, as of today, be measured at 265,000 American deaths and 13.200,000 positive American cases. RIP to the fathers, mothers, sisters, sons, friends, and associates lost with more of the same to come. In a yes or no answer, would you consider those deaths and infections a price too high to pay to send the type of message you are stating?

Anyway, when I last checked, this is an aviation site, and as such with respect to the majority, will let that be the last of my comment on politics.
It appears that you approve of politics as usual. Way to be part of the problem. And it was you who repeatedly brought politics into this discussion.
No, democracy is intended to evolve over time in what is hoped to result in positive change. This is accomplished through the political process. Examples? Constitutional amendments. But improvement is a process that requires ever more insightful leadership. The election of Trump was an appropriate signal for change but very poorly thought through. The Republican party was the one that allowed Trump to even see the light of day. Perhaps a signal for radical change was in order and if so, it may have been a case of the right idea, but very wrong timing. The price for change for the sake of change with the selected alternative being absolute incompetence is clear. 1,192 new deaths since yesterday. 1,192 family members added to yesterday's total of 265,000 deaths. COVID-19 will forever be an asterisk on Trump's legacy. And, IMHO, rightfully so.
The US was never designed as a democracy. There is a specific reason why the US has a representational government. That is something that many seem to forget. Many also tend to forget, all presidencies have asteriks on their legacies.
The president that was just fired by the people will have a far far more profound and dark dark asterisk than just about any other. Unfortunately, the Republicans had a high possibility of winning the last election but they chose to put an albatross around its neck in 2016. What was that term Trump used so often? Drain the swamp? perhaps the Republican party can heed those words. Last statement by me. Stay well.
Yes this vaccine that 99.99% of you do not need for this virus that is at least that inconsequential. But any vaccine is better than no vaccine as a cure for mass hysteria, juvenile irrational fear, and irremediable prideful ignorance and its corollaries of necromancy and preposterous mythologies. Just get your wheelchair exercises going b/c dont believe a highly immunogenic vaccine such as this will have zero side effects and we know from past experience we can expect some neurologic consequences. I'm getting the popcorn b/c we haven't reached the apogee of stupidity quite yet.
Apart from the vulnerable that are attempting to minimize exposure, may I suggest the thought that this may be mother nature's cull of the selfish and stupid?
"I'm getting the popcorn b/c we haven't reached the apogee of stupidity quite yet."
Looks like you sure did.
Are you quoting that 99.99% from Trump or do you have any other uncredible resources like Q?
RECOR10 -2
I did see that Amazon for some odd reason took Mein Kampf off their site (but for the one that has LGBQR (or what ever) referenced.

Soon as we forget history..........
and the boss is compiling about shortage of LIQUID CO2!!!!!! that only exists under considerable me lots of confidence he knows what the hell he is talking about.
This study suggests that the overall death rate in the US has not changed but more of those deaths have been classified as due to Covid-19. Deaths from the leading causes in the past such as heart disease, cancer, chronic respiratory diseases and stroke are all down by the amount that Covid deaths are up. Example: the next county to ours had its first Covid death last week. Patient was 90+ years old with a terminal illness and had been in hospice for a while. Normally to get palliative hospice care you have to have a life expectancy of less than 6 months due to the underlying illness In this case it was not Covid. Yet when she died her attending has labeled the death "due to Covid". Make of it what you will.

“All of this points to no evidence that COVID-19 created any excess deaths. Total death numbers are not above normal death numbers. We found no evidence to the contrary,” Briand concluded.
You people are MORONS. If you break your arm and go to the hospital, then get an infection and die, the pre existing condition (broken arm) DID NOT KILL YOU. There are Many pre existing conditions that people can live a full life with. This novel virus kills people that normally would have lived.
And the person who you are quoting is an assistant program director of the Applied Economics master’s degree program at Hopkins
The only questions I have is how many currently are infected with the virus and how many who have tested postiive have tested negative just a few days later. Everyone talks about this very large number, but is that cumulative or just current for both infections and deaths?

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