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UK tariff waiver puts domestic trade pressure on Airbus

PARIS/LONDON (Reuters) - Britain’s decision to suspend tariffs on Boeing Co jets and other U.S. goods has stunned the planemaker’s European rival, Airbus, and exposes a growing rift between the UK and Europe over aerospace investment, industry sources and analysts said. ( 기타...

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It will be interesting if this changes the wing manufacturing operations of Airbus in the UK.
With the likely hard brexit coming it’s not clear to me how Airbus will be dealing with the tariffs.
Can all these wannabe political activists please refrain from spewing their left or right hatreds on this forum. It's not a US only forum it's worldwide and I for one am sick and tired of reading all these ridiculous posts. Just remember you are not alone with your political clowns, the majority of countries now seem to have their own.

So if you have nothing pertinent to say about the actual forum topic please just shut up or move on, preferably permanently.
I wonder how this conflict started and why it has persisted so long. Neither side of the atlantic ocean can tolerate long the implications of mutual punitive tariffs. That's assuming boeing wants to sell jetliners in europe and airbus wants to sell airliners in north america.

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Mike Bogue 11
Patrick posed a reasonable, intelligently phrased question and this is your response? Like Alan stated, please refrain from posting here if you have nothing pertinent to say.
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