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End of an era: the very last CRJ jet leaves final assembly line

MIRABEL — Bombardier's very last CRJ (Canadair Regional Jet) aircraft leaves the final assembly line before joining the fleet of its operator Delta Air Lines. The aircraft is currently waiting for its engines for test flights. ( 기타...

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Probably the single most uncomfortable passenger jet aircraft in use.
It was but people forget that it replaced slower and less comfortable (and less safe) smaller turbo-props. Canadair/Bombardier created an all new sector of travel with the "Regional Jet" - that was not only fast and more comfortable than turbo-props - but also re-established Jet service to smaller cities that had been abandoned by the major carriers. Eventually Embraer came out with a more comfortable Regional Jet. I haven't been on the latest variants of the CRJ but from what I have seen it did look like Bombardier made improvements in interior comfort. Not the worst place to spend on a flight that average less than an hour. As a Canadian this feels like a sad end of an era when for a time a Canadian Jet invented and dominated a major segment of the commercial airline sector.
I found this video of the final interior design - in fact it is the cabin that is being supplied to Delta on this last CRJ. The final product didn't look to shabby. I would have no problem flying on a typical regional jet flight leg on this jet >
mbrews 2
Uncomfortable on many levels. Since the flap actuators are prone to malfunction in cold weather, the CRJ-200 models historically have a large number of "flapless " landings.
John D 1
Definitely only acceptable for shorty (30 minutes give or take) flights where driving would be too much trouble.
bdarnell 2
I took an RJ from IAH to IND once. Never again.
I took a DL Connection flt DFW-MEX and it seemed like I was crossing the Atlantic.
This is a bit upsetting. I didn't consider the CRJ series to be that old. But when you think about it, the CRJ100/200 was first released in 1989. I am going to miss this jet when it's retired.
I get That the CRJ jet were uncomfortable. I would take an Embraer any day over the CRJ. But it was still a very important airplane. The CRJ-900's are a lot better than the original ones though.
RIP - Only flew the CRJ200 once...with American from PHL to my home airport, YYZ. Had an aisle seat but it can get really crammed in there!!
Goodbye and good riddance...
Give me an Embraer any day...
flyincj 3
If we are comparing the Embraer 145 to the CRJ200, please put me on the CRJ.

The 145 is a brutal experience. Their systems are loud! I love a good engine growl, but my word those birds leave you with a migraine headache from everything else running on them.

Stepping up to the 700 and 170 series of aircraft, it's a completely different story.

The 175, "She's a beaut, Clark."
Agree. The CRJ700 and 900 are a completely different story. Much like the 175/190.
the challenger is a might fine private jet when it carries no more than 10 people, but not comfortable when stretched out and littered with more passenger seats, far too close to each other.
Airline accountants may favor them, but not most of the passengers who are compelled to fly in them.
No great loss that the CRJ era is nearly over. There have been some scheduled flights of several hours in this flying phonebooth, how did they endure it, those unfortunate detainees in airline house arrest?
jptq63 1
Question: Is this fair to say that this is a way for a Japanese company to stay in the aviation business, given the delays to the Mitsubishi SpaceJet? I.e. missed the news they bought the line.
Along with the type certificates, Mitsubishi got the parts and maintenance business, including Bombardier’s CRJ service bases. This infrastructure will be very useful to Mitsubishi when and if they maybe somehow someday I’m-not-holding-my-breath-waiting get the SpaceJet certified and in production.
jptq63 0
Clarification, commercial business.
Good riddance. The worst plane EVER designed for passenger comfort.


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