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Spirit Airlines A320 jet slides off runway with 111 passengers onboard

The American low-cost carrier Spirit Airlines Airbus A320neo aircraft slid off the runway at Baltimore Washington International Airport (BWI), the United States. The incident occurred on December 17, 2020. Spirit Airlines Airbus A320 jet was on its regular daily flight NK696. On arrival from McCarran International Airport (LAS) to Baltimore Washington International Airport (BWI), the jet suffered a low-speed taxiway excursion and slid off the runway, stopping in the grass. ( More...

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Paul Miller 1
Goodness Me ? I counted at the very least 33 VEHICLES at the site of the Ice Slip ??? That's got to work out at One Vehicle for every Three Passengers !!! Well they sure covered that semi emergency with enough Airport Staff anyway.
w h 1
According to the video posted by VASAviation, it was 111 SOULS and 105 PASSENGERS. Factual error here.
Don't need to be rude here, but, either the pilot carelessly flew the plane or it snowed in Baltimore.
bdarnell 1
Only 8" or so.


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