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Emirates Unveils A380 Premium Economy Cabin, Along With Small Upgrades To Other Cabins

Emirates has revealed its first Premium Economy product, to initially be featured on 6 Airbus A380s. ( 기타...

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jptq63 6
Now if there was anywhere to go.... maybe some day in the future.
From the article: "Their new cabins feature a toned down color scheme, with lighter seats and faux wood finishes on the tray tables and window panels."
Translation: "There's 1970s woodgrain Con-Tact® paper everywhere."
Not my idea of luxury.
Looks a helluva lot better than Steerage.
Premium economy is a way for an airline to increase yield without adding true value. Same food, same seat (although the Emirates announcement does say they have a footrest in the Premium seats). Premium economy has been productive with other long haul carriers (Qantas, for example) so it is popular among some customers.
I think a lot of people confuse Economy Plus that the American carriers have for Premium Economy. Most Premium Economy have different seats and often better food. I flew Air France to Paris in Business class and back in their Premium Economy. The main entree was the same in PE as BC and honestly, the PE seat was more comfortable to sit in. The champagne wasn’t as good and you only got one glass of it but I was left wishing I had saved the money and flown PE both ways. That being said, AF’s business class is pretty sucky. I’ve flown both classes on several airlines and all of them had better seats than standard economy. Some do give you economy meals just served on plates and real cutlery. On long haul, you can tell the difference in the comfort but not worth it on anything less.
I looked at the crew instruction (I'm not crew but I have the instruction) and the seat is different with an electrically activated footrest. The section is the front section of the lower deck where the plane narrows, and the seats are 8 across where in the economy section they are 10 across, (4 center and 2 on the sides in PE) where Y is 3/4/3
It doesn't tell me the seat pitch or width but my guess is the seat width is the same, but with a center credenza for drinks etc.
The announcement at the top of this link shows (with photos) the changes to each cabin.

Premium economy is better, but it's unclear if the seat width is actually wider for big people, or is simply the center credenza that is added. The pitch is better (as expected), the footrest is appreciated, and the entertainment system is the same as in business. They note they are doing FREE UPGRADES until the system is better known so request that when you make a reservation.
It stated the seat width at 19.5in and 40in of pitch so that’s definitely a bigger width than coach seats which are usually 17.5-18in. What would have been nice is if they put in the other pods that were rumored to be going in that were almost like a smaller business class pod.

mdburd 1
Try Air France First; it's worth every dime.
Sadly, the flights out of ATL didn’t have La Premier.
I'd like to see or hear more about what they are doing to improve SAFETY !
All Emirates needs to do on this subject is keep up their great work!! Emirates is one of the best airlines to fly in today (as a passenger), offering an outstanding flight experience! Definitely better than ANY North American (that includes US, Canada and Mexico) carrier I've ever flown in... ;-)


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