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Southwest Airlines is banning emotional-support animals

The airline announced on Monday that starting March 1, 2021, only trained service dogs will be allowed to travel on Southwest Airlines flights. ( 기타...

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Damn I was planning on bringing my emotional support scorpion with me. Guess I will have to leave it behind
Spencer ? When I read your comment I simply cracked up totally, you made me day Sir Thank You.
They are just following the other Airlines in this matter ? It's good though as so many have abused this once available item offered to some weak unable to live life as most of the rest of us do !!!!
ADXbear 3
I have small dogs in carriers that fit under the seat, I pay for mine each time, and they are both trained service dogs.. its just easier, no BS
aurodoc 1
I also take our small dog in a carrier and stick him under the seat. The question I have is why does the guy sitting next to me put his carryon under the seat for free and I need to pay 95 dollars each way (less than the cost of my seat) for a carryon contained dog? What exactly am I paying for? Just another way for the airline to capture a few more dollars.
Perhaps it’s additional cleaning. I’m allergic to loads of animals. It’s not just the fur - usually it’s dander/saliva in the vicinity too. I’d have to ask to move or the pet owner/pet to move if I found myself next to someone with a pet.
That is correct as far as cleaning. Also the counter agent is supposed to measure the pet container before printing the boarding pass. If the passenger has his boarding pass on his phone and bypasses the counter the gate agent is suppose to measure the case. It is an additional burden.
aurodoc 1
There is a tag on the carryon which acts like a ticket. I doubt there is any xtra cleaning under the seat in front of me. Certainly no more than the screaming 2 year old who throws up on the seat next to me
Your dog is probably cleaner and quieter than a screaming two year old but the airline can't come out against motherhood.
Working the counter/gate at a regional airport I encountered a lot of this. It struck me that all of the passengers with emotional support animals were a little "off" somehow. There was more than one case where the passenger showed up without their animal which was listed in there record. When I asked they explained that the animal was sick so they were traveling without it. I asked a frequent flier where her companion animal was and she told me that it was already at the destination.

I had a very serious discussion on the subject of airline economics with a young gentleman who was hugging a stuffed animal like his life depended on it. So...
Nuts! You mean I can't fly Southwest with my emotional support pizza?
no more, "snakes on a plane"
Sadly it has taken airlines a long time to deal with this issue . I do not have a problem with service dogs , they are trained as such .
But chipmunks , snakes , peacocks ,cats to name a few , airlines for some reason did not want to say no .
Now if we could only prohibit crying babies , just kidding folks .
hopefully pax whose blubber leaks all over everyone else will be next.
I've never taken any animal on any commercial flight. When I fly my sled dogs it's in our own aircraft.
ncr1jec 1
Good move Southwest, too many people were taking advantage of this issue. Guess maybe they need to drive to their destination now, bye bye!


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