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Photos: Refueling the Super Bowl flyover bombers

Sunday, several of the Air Force’s front-line bombers flew across the United States to perform a rare trifecta flyover at Super Bowl LV. But they could not have done it without help from some Tampa-based refueling crews. MacDill Air Force Base, just down the street from Raymond James Stadium, is home to the 6th Air Mobility Wing and its KC-135 Stratotankers. The large gray tankers can be seen flying in and out of MacDill daily, usually to support long-range military missions around the world. ( 기타...

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Just a note... Could not see where they refueled the B-52... Guess he just did not need any! LOL.
Which we could have tracked the B-1 & B-2. But enjoyed the fly over anyway !!
Another note: That late afternoon/evening I was monitoring and there were 2 B-52s flying in the Gulf together just off Tampa. Possibly a 'backup' ?
Very possibly, or they could have had a 2nd to get some pictures, or simply to Coordinate from a distance.


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