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Eulogy for Icon Learjet

Bombardier announced yesterday that it was taking its iconic Learjet brand off life support and ending its production. ( 기타...

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So after doing research it appears that Bombardier is killing-off the LearJet 75 LIBERTY - a revamped model 75 designed to compete with it's competitors the Citation CJ3 and Embraer Phenom (and the ONLY model it still produced).

At a new lower price of just under $10 Million it was competitive with the CJ3 and Phenom in terms of price. In terms of performance it matched or exceeded it's competitors so I don't understand why it was not competitive.

All things being equal - price and performance - what would you rather own? A "CJ3" or "Phenom" OR an AMERICAN ICON - the LEARJET! - a name synonymous not only with "private jets" but with the world of "glitz and glamor"

I think Bombardier is making a big mistake. If orders are slow now just put the program on the back-burner for now. It has been done before.

Here is a link showing the features on the LearJet 75 LIBERTY introduce JUST LAST YEAR! As you can see it's cabin is unequaled in its class.,miles%20for%20the%20Phenom%20300E.
Here is a video of the LearJet 75 Liberty introduced just last year!

It really makes you scratch your head reading that Bombardier is killing off this class-leading cost-competitive light-jet that is an AMERICAN ICON that is certified to the highest safety standard FAR Part 25 vs Part 23 for it's competitors! Take a look at the cabin! It almost resembles a Global 7000 on the inside!

It's almost as if Bombardier is resorting to burning their furniture to heat their home!
Link >
"...highest safety standard FAR Part 25 vs Part 23..."

What safety standards would those be exactly? And where does FAR 21 and 26 fit in the mix?

Won't go through the whole list, you can do that but, FAR 25 does not require that an aircraft certificated under that part have dual wheels on the main landing gear assembly (ref. 25.733) nor thrust reversers (ref. 25.933.) If equipped with a thrust reversing system the MMEL (for the DC-9, as an example, permits dispatch with the system inoperative. Ref. DC-9 MMEL item 78-1.)

Both regulations have airworthiness standards for both icing operation and engine ingestion of foreign objects.
23.2540 Flight in icing conditions
25.1093 Induction system icing protection
23.2435 Powerplant induction and exhaust systems
25.903 Engines

Perhaps you went to a different aircraft certification and regulations class than I did.


Capt J Buck

ATP DC-9 B757 B767
Flight Instructor
Ground Instructor
Aircraft Dispatcher
A&P Mechanic
Air Traffic Controller
FAA Aviation Safety Inspector (Ops & Aws)(Ret.)
FAA certified accident investigator (Ret.)
ICAO Panel Member
Aviation Safety Consultant

- Flight control redundancy
- Main landing gear dual wheels
- Thrust reversers
- Stringent bird strike test
- Rigorous ice testing

All in accordance with part 25
I worked in NYC for many years for a computer company. One of our customers, Integrated Resources, bought an old department store, S.Klein at Union Square and 14th Street, and was going to make it their headquarters but they went bankrupt before they moved in. Integrated Resources owned Learjet at that time. The stories I see say that Bombardier acquired Lear in 1990 but it is not clear from whom. Integrated Resources was mainly into junk bonds and real estate.
Bombardier acquired LearJet from Integrated Acquisition in 1990 who had acquired Learjet from Gates Rubber Corporation (Gates LearJet) in 1987.

From Wikipedia: "In 1987, Gates Learjet was acquired by Integrated Acquisition and the next year the name was changed to Learjet Corporation. By January 1989, all production had been moved from the Tucson facility back to Wichita with an employment of 1,250.[7] "
Yes, I saw that. Is it clear who Integrated Acquisition is?
linbb -4
Go figure it out who really cares anyway ya think its a gubberment spy outfit or something?


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