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Airbus Wants To Run An A350 Only Using Biofuels

Airbus today announced that it is teaming with German research center DLR, Rolls-Royce, and SAF producer Neste to pioneer the ‘Emission and Climate Impact of Alternative Fuels’ (ECLIF3) program. ( 기타...

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The additional virtue is it probably costs 15X compared to kerosene. And you won't be able to transport in a pipeline.
carste10 2
From Airfuel bp site: "SAF is currently made from used cooking oil and animal waste fat." What few sources are mentioning is the amount of carbon based fuel currently required to produce SAF, much like what is used to produce ethanol for mogas.
mbrews 3
Read closely . Its a carbon-based fuel that burns in a turbojet engine. From municipal solid waste or cooking oil. But it's tailor-made for folks to feel Real Virtuous by shunning kerosine & Jet-A fuel


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