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✈️ AIRBUS A350XWB Takeoff Tests includes near TAILSTRIKES!

Watch the Airbus A350-900 perform a number of takeoffs at Toulouse Airport ( More...

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Roy Hunte 6
Those are known as Velocity Minimum Unstick tests or VMUs. They are used to determine the lowest safe speed for takeoff.
justplanes 2
We were trying to figure out exactly what they were so thank you very much for the into!
Roy Hunte 2
If you look under the tail, in the strike zone, you will notice an orange beam or foot. That is used to prevent the fuselage from hitting the ground. I believe it touched the ground once or twice in the video.
spatr 4
Also, along with Vmu, looks like some engine out tests. Some good rudder deflection and a reduced climb rate.
Roy Hunte 3
I noticed the rudder deflection, and figured they were doing something of the sort.


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