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United Air to Restart Pilot Hiring in New Sign of Travel Rebound

United Airlines Holdings Inc. will resume pilot hiring as the carrier sees signs of a sales recovery amid expanding U.S. vaccination campaigns. The carrier will begin with 300 pilots who received a conditional job offer last year or had a new-hire class that was canceled, Bryan Quigley, senior vice president of flight operations, told employees Thursday. The decision followed a year in which airlines slashed payrolls through retirement and voluntary leave offers while depending on billions of… ( 기타...

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I stopped chasing bullets and caught an airline job. Boring as can be. A to B, gear up/gear down Fly by night, go on special family days, and I cried when the company folded after my 29 years. If scheduling called now I would steal anybody's uniform and report in..Pan Am
much of the allure of airline pilot evaporated long ago, and pilots are left with few worthwhile perks of the job beyond flying itself. Certainly, United Airlines is a collection of unpleasant policies and procedures, uncertain future, with the built-in unpleasantries of how first year pilots have to cope with the realities of this airline. A thousand pilots have walked away recently from this outfit, and a fair examination of that ought to concern the airline more than it seems to.
Actually, the job still has amazing perks beyond the flying. Tons. Excellent benefits too. United is a fantastic company to fly for and will continue to be, once the world is done with the pandemic. The thousand pilots who “have walked away” got a pretty sweet deal to retire early. They didn’t just quit, let’s clarify that. They voluntarily took a package that benefited their financial situation. Perhaps your interview or entry into flying didn’t go so good? It’s a fantastic career, make no mistake. There’s uncertainty all over the world right now for people from all walks of life, everybody is impacted.
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“A thousand pilots have walked away recently from this outfit”

That is simply false.
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I have known many career airline pilots who eagerly awaited the day that they could retire from the majors. That alone says something of the profession, although I'm not sure what.
this is a goo news/bad nesw scnario...good that air traffic has been picking up and that new pilots are needed...bad in that so many still are not vacccinated,there are new strains of the virus popping up, and airline jobs do not have the stability,despite training,that they once had..seniority doesnt mean much if the airlines are forced to stay at limited schedules because the virus becomes resilient to vaccines..


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