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I would always find a half bottle of Dom Perignon stashed under my seat - Meet Concorde’s million mile man

It was a sports car, it wasn’t a Rolls Royce,” says Fred Finn wistfully as he provides a second-by-second account of taking off in Concorde, the iconic supersonic airliner. .......... ( 기타...

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Torsten Hoff 21
I would always find a half-full air sickness bag stashed under my seat on Spirit.
Tim McNeill 4
Nice teaser. To read the complete article you are required to subscribe to the Gentleman's Journal.

Only 59.95 Pounds/year. Too rich for me. :)

Here is the link if you need it:
The best thing about Concorde from DC to Paris was the better than flying private experience. The private lounges were better than any first class experience at airports now. More like a private club with the best personal service. After take-off roll which was exhilarating, you really did not have a feel for the speed were it not for the mach indicator on the bulkhead which mostly read 2.05, or placing your hand on the window which was warm from the friction.
Very Cool !! sorry I didn't scrounge every dime for a flight on Concord just once.
Great place to see one and walk inside... Museum near Boeing Field.

I mean if you’d tried to get in the office of the people I met, it would have been almost impossible.”

This is so true even in First today, the closest I've come while flying, Met Robert Redford on the way to Salt Lake, Robert Duval to LAX, and just across from Orlando Bloom Lufthansa on the A380 Munich (with miles of course :) ...
sparkie624 2
I too have had some famous people while flying. Got to sit beside a Pro Football player who won the Superbowl... Talked about the ring and he took it off and showed it to me.... I am not a football fan, but that was fantastic.. I have met a lot of fantastic musicians and Elvis even once. Airlines are a great place to meet famous people... Many are great, Many are not!
Micky Dolenz, and Diane Kruger, the same flight. An idiot was sitting next to Dolenz, and chattered the whole flight from the east to west coast. I wanted to get a picture of him, but after an hour of the forced speech of the parrot next to him, I felt he needed the peace. He finally blew the guy off as we were landing. Diane literally disappeared as soon as the door opened. *POOF* She wasn't even on the jet bridge. Like she just totally disappeared. I'm sure they are used to having to do that. Her diet was peanuts and red wine. It works for her...

I've seen some others from time to time. Keep your space. Don't be like the guy that Mikey probably wanted to toss out of the plane at 40,000 feet.

Decades ago, the Concorde had a 'deal' for people to take the flight to the UK. You got a flight on the Concorde, and a premium suite on the QEII back to New York. The cost was the price of the one way. I thought about it. It was probably the cheapest way to do the Concorge, but the week+ return would be tough. All that wasted time.
ThinkingGuy 2
My sister did the Concorde-QEII trip in the late 90's. I'm still jealous that she's the only one of our siblings who's broken the sound barrier.
My parents took that deal, too! I wish I could have gone with them.
I really wanted to do it, but the QEII part was too long. I was going to surprise the wife in London, but she'd beat me back home easily, and getting her a ticket on the QEII would have been big money, plus the cancelled plane ticket cost. *sigh*

Just imagine the famous people one could meet on the Concorde. Wow...

Supersonic is kinda boring to people that have done it. :-D
I had to look up Diane Kruger...
aurodoc 1
In 63 years of flying ( First flight DC-7 on American--I still have the certificate in my baby book) I have never met or seen anyone famous on a flight It may be because I am usually in row 56 or on a SW flight.
And I get voted down again. Whatever...

A friend of mine met Sting and his wife on a flight, plus tons of politicians, movie stars, the usuals you would think to find in first. He said that Phil Collins was his favorite 'first meet'. He said he was such a relaxed great seatmate. Told some jokes, and talked about just about everything except music.

My comment about the chatty guy, and keep your space probably irked a few people, but they are just people trying to get from point a to point b. Just be mellow. Sometimes it's better to let them talk, or just be in their aura.
ed lang 1
Had the opportunity to fly in G-BOAG from JFK-LHR and then back a few days later with my Dad. It was a lifelong dream of his, and as I worked for LH at the time, I did a few favors for the BA station mgr @ JFK. He surprised me with a pair of non-rev tix. An experience like no other.

I miss seeing those beautiful birds fly.
Tom Morris 1
Missed an opportunity to fly the Concorde when it came to the EAA in Oshkosh back in the 80's. I did get to see its approach and landing from Steve Wittman's house, and that was quite a thrill.
Ray Raymond 1
I remember they offered that same Concorde/QEII flight from Asheville, NC. Plane landed and it snowed. The flight was delayed for a while due to snow removal. When it took off, the pilot did a low, slow loop around downtown Asheville with wings tilted. It seemed like a plane that flies that fast would just fall out of the sky going that slow.


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