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United Airlines received billions in Covid aid. Now thousands of workers could lose their jobs

Few industries were hit as hard as airlines when the coronavirus pandemic hit the US last year. To stop what looked like the imminent collapse of a major employer, the government stepped in with $15bn in support. “We thank Congress and the administration for quickly passing legislation to protect the paychecks of tens of thousands of United Airlines employees,” said Frank Benenati, the United Airlines spokesperson. A year on, the $5bn United Airlines received from the $2.2tn Coronavirus Aid,… ( 기타...

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When I worked for the airlines it was always a boom and bust job, work a few years and then get laid off for the slowdown. Get called back and then get laid off again, hopefully next time you get laid off you have enough seniority to not get laid off for the next slowdown. The taxpayers did not support the airlines and they were run like a business. Now they have allowed the airlines to get so big by merging, that we have to pay to keep the alive? Why do shareholders and executives get bonuses and payouts when employees were supposed to be supported by the govt handout? So much is wrong with all of this.
Claw back the funding. I wonder how much stock they bought back or debt they paid down with that funding?

ADXbear 6
Sad that these social programs end up the same in the end anyway at our expense! In extreme situations like we have been through and continue in quasi recovery mode, I would hope saved employees would accept pretty sever payouts instead of furloughs, the planes were parked, admin staffs reduced.. and yet billions havent got them through this? Shame it didn't, not much more the public can do, maybe time for chapter 11 reorg
L Lane 2
Catering folks were about the lowest paid of the unionized 'trades'.
Unfortunately kitchen help cannot command mechanic or ramp rates which the union organizers were promising.
Surprised UA didn't sell of the catering ops immediately post merger. Now it goes to Sky Chef or similar.
Billions of taxpayer bucks in the bank, there were no strings to require staff retention long term, and the beat goes on. Now to reduce the FA/pax ratio to about 1:75...
the payment protection plan was intended to keep the airlines afloat, when NO ONE was flying, so that they all did not go "belly up" into the bankruptcy DID help..the airlines are coming back as evidenced by spring break travel and the bookings for summer travel..the money was supposed to be considered a "loan" from the government, and was supposed to be paid back..some unions, as it is well known,such as those for the pilots and flight attendants,and also maintenance and fleet service,were given monetary buyouts or leaves of absence to avoid furloughs and layoffs..unfortunately, the majority of airlines already DO use outside companies or sources on contracts for their food and beverage services,so ual is an exception,and food and beverage service has just recently been restarted..if the ual "kitchens"were people actually considered employees of ual, that is surprising..i do feel badly for them if ual has decided that is the group to cut ties with,but it would be far cheaper for them to contract to an outside company as do many other carriers..the airlines ARE large corporations,and as such they do care about shareholders and stockholders and the like..they cannot contract nor outsource pilots and flight attendants,and if their agents are union,they cannot do that either..the group would be the exception...
Reminds me of an article not long ago in the New York Times where the young woman mistakenly thought Google was her new surrogate family and would be loyal to her for some reason. We are a disposable culture, sadly what is seniority in that? I hope for the best for the food workers.
Unions are corrupt and a cancer.
So are corporations who crap on their employees and shovel money into the execs pockets. Execs might dream up the plans but the employees make it happen.
ex NWA aircraft mechanic


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