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Woman Accused Of Attacking Flight Attendant For Not Picking Up Her Trash

28-year-old passenger Chenasia Campbell had to be restrained after physically assaulting a crew member on an American Airlines flight. ( 기타...

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emkostiuk 35
Individuals like this not only need a hefty $ fine, but a few months behind bars.
emkostiuk 17
Never mind after seeing a photo of her I understand why she felt she was special.
Well now we know YOU think you're special.... but in reality you are especially an uneducated ignoramus.

We all know white people NEVER do bad things like the trumps, Moscow mitch, Giuliani et al.... all of which are clearly criminals!
You're not very bright AND the only systemic racism in America these days is coming from blm-fostered black racists and guilty sjw white liberals; mainstream-indoctrinated fools who believe the propaganda.😉

What a POS you are

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What's there to hide? If he's a white guy, like I am, the media reports a zillion times a day how every single one of us is a racist white supremacist. I didn't realize I was, but apparently I missed a memo. If that's the case, well, maybe we should all just embrace our "Supreme-ness". I mean, really, being supreme ....who wouldn't want that? Wonder if it comes with any perks? Hope so. I misplaced my white privilege card shortly after I was born. Maybe there's an even better deal in my supreme membership package. I gotta go check the mail!
Getting back to reality, it doesn't matter who or what you are. Slugging a flight attendant just ain't right. The woman needs her ass locked up for awhile.
You brought it up, he didn’t!🤷‍♂️😩

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It isn't if the reference is to the heightened incidence of violence by black folks who have bought into the notion that skin colour is what's keeping them down.
If the black people in the United States had their own country, it would be the 15th richest in the world.

How's that for not being "kept down"?

Most normal people don't care about race. Only guilty white liberals, angry black people and the heretofore miniscule number of white racists who truly believe the races should be separate.

Now who is giving them a reason to believe this now?

As soon as people grow up and understand cause and effect, they will eschew race as an argument and deal with the facts.
k1121j 27
these are the crazies that should not be allowed to fly on any airline
Phil Howry 26
The hallmark of an orderly and civil society is individual self-control; without it, chaos reigns. I will assume ample eyewitness testimony exist to confirm/validate this sad, human behavior, commentary.
Jim Allen 20
From the original story: “Amid her shouting, the court document says Campbell yelled, "Cops aren't going to do anything to me," and then struck the flight attendant again with closed fists.” Supposedly she’s in a state sponsored mental health program. I bet she is now. The poor FA’s.
You didn't mention the best part. Apparently after her arraignment she was quoted as saying “I was in the sky with Jesus. I didn’t hit a flight attendant.” (from the New York Daily News and NBC New York).
Reminds me of the old T shirt saying: Jesus loves you, everyone else thinks you're an A$$hole!
ADXbear 18
Blacklisted, never to fly again.. take a train or ship! This after serving 3 to 5 years for assault and endangering the flight.
10 years on NO FLY LIST, $10,000 fine and 10 months of confinement. just a thought
garritt 1
only because she thought she was a 10
Unfortunately for her, Greyhound won’t pick up her trash either. As she will soon discover they don’t have attendants to look after travelers at all.
WTF is wrong with people? I'm pretty sure the prison guards are not going to pick up the trash for you either.
An unfortunate sign of the times! When certain people don't get their way to do what they want, and throw a tantrum! It has to stem back to their childhood, when they were never disciplined!
Culture of violence
Absolutely a true statement... the NRA and Republicans are hell bent to turns us back to shootouts in the street. Gun up, retards Gun up!
You know you've gone off the rails when you manage to bring politics and the NRA into a discussion about assaulting a flight attendant...
No, dear, it is progs and dems Intent on that. Why hide the chaos and destruction of antifa and blm but make up Russia nonsense for 4 years?

Gunning up DISSUADES violence, skeesix.

You MUST try something other than MSNBC. That propaganda will get you shot.
Take a chill pill!
mariofer 11
To be blaming this kind of behavior on the pandemic is either the most myopic statement ever or not wanting to cite the true cause of the now weekly incidents on flight coming from or going to Miami for fear of social retribution.
She should be given 5-10 years in the federal pen. Maybe, just maybe, others would learn from her experience.
Would have enjoyed seeing the mugshot.
Shitty ass behavior...there's no excuse, severe anger issues, thank God for nice people!!
my word! the woman obviously has a mental problem, or was suffering from some covid related travel stress!! in any case, assaulting a flight attendant is considered a federal crime,not just as the woman said, "cops cant do anything to her" offense..i have been on flights before where the f/a didnt pick up the trash,mainly because as they go down the aisle with a sack they request you HAND IT TO THEM or put it in the sack yourself as they pass by..its not big deal..i have also seen and been around people who merely put the paper or cup ore whatever in the seat pocket in front of them..i will say that the fact the traveller was going from mia to nyc does tell a lot!!
I'm sure you were hopping mad when that ministers wife slapped a flight attendant. You must have been just fit to be tied.
Chenasia, huh? I know all I need to know.
You can find her picture. It’s why she said “they’re not going to do anything to me”.
There are even racist trolls in flight aware?
Not sure but I see we have a virtue-signalling sjw.

Is it racist to point put that a cop is 18 1/2 times more likely to be shot by a black man than the other way around?

I'll bet you think so. 😉

It's an inconvenient truth that you types will just shout down and not address because it doesn't fit the hater-take-all pantifa/blm marxist agenda.

Any "thoughts"?

I mean, of your own? 😆
Why don't you complete that thought out loud James?
Because you are not allowed to point out the truth. One’s rating on the “victim” scale determines whether or not they can be held responsible for their actions. We have the PC Police, like you, to thank for that.
Exactly even though there are a myriad of actual statistics the truth.
OnTheAve -1
What truth? Totally stereotypical lies and fiction.
OnTheAve 0
Are you the same James Wills that was locked for attacking the U.S. Capitol?
OnTheAve -1
You have a history racially-insensitive remarks on this forum. If one wishes to view, just click his name and look at his comments. Isn't there a moderator here? This forum should be about aviation period. Post your other crap elsewhere.
So true!👌
Just like you didn't.

There are plenty of virtue-signallers here as well.

Keep in mind, this story was posted here by the owners of Flight Aware.

If you are so concerned with racism, what is your take on the daily accusations from actual elected representatives that white people are systemically racist? That is the definition of a racist statement.

Care to reply? 🙂
Probably.... as clearly he's white trash.
A racist statement by a racist.

If the shoe fits.....
Always with the racism, huh?
themold 6
Black privilege on display.
Found the Russian!
Racist white retard
That is a racist comment. Ipso facto. Also, "retard" is unwoke, dude.

At least be consistent in your virtue-signalling.

Oh, that's right, you can't. In liberal uoside-down world, a prog dem CAN'T be a rapist, racist or corrupt pol.

This is how stupid you are.
Racist punk.
Man, you are an idiot.

You're making the few responsible democrats remaining look bad, Bupkus. 😅
Ignorance on display by themold... actually a perfect handle because YOU are toxic!

Sorry, we're all out today, child.

Hightail it to your nearest publicly-funded ironically marxist university, you weeny.
Maybe the moderator of this discussion should ponder the number of racist/troll bot responses in here. Why would they be here, of all places? This isn't Fox News, or the Daily Stormer.
Now, HERE is an ignoramus.

If you think equating the top-rated cable outfit with a white supremacist site engenders LESS divisiveness, you are as smart as we now all know you aren't.

When black conservatives with 7 figure salaries start showing up on the Stormer, well-paid for their news-gathering skills, public presentation or educated opinions, we can then conflate the two.

It is encouraging to see such hate and stupidity on display. It tells us all we need to know about who and what is seeking control and the imperative to defeat it.
Most of the posters here ARE faux news fans; hence the ignorance.
And yet, ad hominum attacks with no facts.

What delicious irony. Where do you get YOUR propaganda? 😆
It's called an education.... something you clearly don't have.
carte blanche
What gives her the idea she has carts on he with the cops ? That is certainly cause for concern.
All anyone needs to do is claim membership in BLM/Antifa, and the Feds will let them walk. Remember, it's the Feds that are leading by example. If you can burn down cities and walk away free, then you can make sure that flight attendant keeps the damned seat pocket cleaned at all times.
I can't believe the number of racist/troll bots in the flight aware comments!
Like you and your political posts you have all over here? I agree!
If you knew what an actual racist (blm) or a troll WAS, we might be able to do something with you.

But all you do is parrot some ad hominum radical marxist bs.

You can't have a conversation because your Alinsky-inspired narrative couldn't sustain it for one minute.
Stupid, brainwashed, Fox News lover, racist moron.
Says the knob who has never watched but evidently swallows the anti-American CNN, MSNBC, NYT, etc., whole.

Growing up a marxist tool for the leftwing faculty lounge that your parents paid for is no way to go through life, son. 😉
racist sshole
Silly wanker.

Hey, you're RIGHT!

Meaningless personal attacks work GREAT! And they make me feel so superior and virtuous.

Congrats. Here's you Knob-of-the Month Club tote bag. 😚
I guess if you are white you can try to overthrow our government or kill people as cops and it's OK.
Race, race, race.

I guarantee you will lead a less happy life if you continue to believe that nonsense.
Most "Chenasias" will react this's cultural.
I am sure that there is more that they are not saying
In case it never occurred to any of you, there's a good chance there's mental illness involved here. This wasn't a "typical" conflict....this was wayyyyy over the top.
Nowadays, everything seems to be excusable due to mental illness for some reason.
Hey, but at least she was wearing a mask when she committed the assault.
All I needed was to see the name "Chenasia" and it clearly explained the human being's lack of self-control. It's an uncanny fact of nature for these types.
While I won't argue with the profiling, I know and read and hear many black conservatives who are normal reasonable people and crazy white liberals who support the black racists so as long as we're clear that no one needs to remain a product of bad parts of their upbringing, culture or simple anti-social behaviour, we're good.
You are correct, Brian.
"These types." What about your type? Stupid, brainwashed, Fox News lover, racist moron.
I'm not going to defend what Brian said, but if you're just going to run around stating everyone who says something you don't like is a brainwashed Fox News loving racist moron then you're not really any better than them.
Try again, Skeezix.
Be as angry and hateful as you wish, Bob, but you KNOW it's accurate and irrefutable. You can't negate the truth just by erroneously labeling it racist.
It's all he can say, Brian. He's posted the same damn line all over here. Probably a snot-nosed 12 year old. He and Simon T. seem to follow each other around calling people racist. My guess is they're butt-buddies or something. I think that's the proper pronoun they identify as. If it's not, who cares? lol
All I need to see is your post to know how ignorant YOU are.... sadly you can't negate truth.
...which is....? 😄
With a good lawyer, she can/will claim some sort of mental "problem" and get out with a stay in some clinic.
From what I have seen "mental problems" affect 10% of people.
Mental "problems" affect virtually all repugnants as proved by believing obvious lies and conspiracies.
You're a treat.

I usually get my jollies deep-sixing you knobs in the usual prog garbage social media pits but to get to do it on a fun aviation site is an extra bonus.

Thanks, child. You are making my day.

And it's still early!!😁


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