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Watch the First Privately Owned F-16 Fighter Jet Soar Across the Skies of Arizona

Who says you can’t own a fighter jet? The first privately owned F-16 just tore up the skies of Arizona as part of a new defense initiative. The lightning-fast aircraft in question is the property of Top Aces. The private adversary support firm took delivery of four F-16A/B “Netz” fighters back in January as part of a training contract with the US Air Force. On Wednesday, the first second-hand F-16 earned FAA certification and completed its maiden flight for Top Aces. ( 기타...

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Not sure I would call this "privately" owned, more like "corporate" owned. IMM, privately owned means owned by an individual. Like Joe Pilot and his Cessna 172.
Corporate makes it evil right?

In my little slice of the world, corporations are owned by shareholders, rather than government entities, therefore “private” but word games seem silly.
Never said it was evil, just not "privately" owned in most people's usage of the word.

@Karl - You're reading something into my comment that wasn't there.
ceoch255 2
Great,corporate owned fighter jets. What could possibly go wrong?
The "Top Aces" will have a tough time recruiting a true "Ace" to perform their adversarial 'magic' in the cockpit, as, according to Wiki., there hasn't been a true U.S. military fighter Ace since the Vietnam era. Nor will they be confronting any. Maybe one owns the joint and thusly 'follow the money'! Cheers.
jbermo 4
I suppose being a "Red Flag" (AF) or "Top Gun" (USN) participent with 5 or more confirmed electronic kills doesn't count.
ACE hardware has killer deals, maybe they have some friendly hardware, fliers.
Perhaps they can become an ace on the job, if they go rogue against the other traffic in the pattern ;)
Very true... You have to have at least 1 armed conflict with 5 kills to be an ace.. LOL. Good point.
What the report failed to inform people of is Top Aces "home turf" I believe there are a few other countries that have "ace" pilots.
Correct. I noted U.S. military, the subject of the contract. The company is Canada based, and, if one follows the link, the later era aces of varied nationalities would probably be timed out age wise or, to say the least, an Iranian ace will not be flying in an adversarial role in an F16 for "Top Gun". Where are the Aces?
Seems many pilots like to vent sbout absolutely nonsense subject. From Ace to private. Oh well. Go to it guys
Is $6.4 billion a lot of money, or is it pocket change?
Like Stefan said
I Dunno 1
That's not privately owned, it's government contract operation(s)!
So would this be considered an assault weapon by the ATF?


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