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Watch an F-22 take on 5 F-15s — and dominate them

The F-22 Raptor is an expensive plane. While some critics pegged its cost at over $300 million a plane, the actual fly-away cost could go down to $116 million per Raptor, according to a 2006 Air Force release. ( 기타...

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Thanks for the link. F-22 is quite impressive. Too bad the politicians are so short sighted.
Link to just the video, since it's below the paywall fold:
Weird.. no pay wall for me, but went straight in... Here is the link.
bbabis 2
So why an F-35? I always thought the F-22 was a better platform.
I suppose it's because of the variants including the vertical takeoff and landing version that the Marine Corps is getting, possible to replace the Harrier. But then again, the F-111 (McNamara's folly) was suppose to meet the needs of all the services but it didn't. Incidentally, McNamara's middle name was "Strange" which may account for the folly.


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