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First Biden Budget to Accelerate Push Toward Boeing 737 Replacement

Not since the tripolar race between the U.S., Europe and the Soviet Union to develop a supersonic transport has there been such an active push to reshape how we fly. ( More...

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Something needs to happen. It feels like Boeing is about to get buried by their waffling, and lack of attention to detail.
Alan Zelt 3
All the above comments are true. But if you explore the history of Boeing, you should note that this slide had its genesis with the acquisition MD Aircraft. When Boeing CEO Phil Condit was fired, he was replaced by the ultimate bean counter, Harry Stonecipher. It was all downhill from there. If they had an activist board, the direction could change.
Roy Talbot -3
The real problem is that Boeing have shown they have lost the ability to build safe aircraft. Problems with the 737, 787, 777X and late with the air force refueler etc.


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