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A Fond Farewell: Austrian Retires Its Final Dash 8 Aircraft

Austrian Airlines has today bid farewell to the last of its Dash 8 turboprops. The final flight took place between Vienna and Innsbruck with a specially liveried Dash 8 featuring the words “Pfiat di” – goodbye. The retirement of the final Dash marks the end of turboprop operations at Austrian Airlines. ( 기타...

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I have always like the Dash 8 in Austrian colors. It did a lot of work for Austrian and I am sad to see it go.
Never worked on theirs, but have worked on a lot of Dash's 1oo's thru 400's... They were all great easy planes to work on that were a very reliable work horse
Tim Dyck 3
Here in Canada we still use Dash 8s especially in the far north. Good plane for crappy runways and bad weather.
Have flown as a passenger on hundreds of Air Canada Dash 8 flights. Still doing the job, Iconic aircraft in this country.

What about the Twin Otter
The Dash 8's that served Ithaca, NY were painted in United livery however, the engine intake covers (plugs) said "Tyrolean".
What a pitty. Everyone is retiring them. I may never be able to get on one. :( THEY ARE ONE OF MY FAVS!!!
Don't like any plane with a wingspan less than length
I never liked the -400, but the -100, -200, & -300 were very nice planes... Sometimes hard to work on as in tight spaces, but it was reliable and did a good job.
The 100 is a good example of width vs length. Then they screwed up the formula that has worked for decades. I still prefer the Dash 7
The Dash-8-100, -200, and -300 series all had wingspans greater than their fuselage length.


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