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United Airlines unveils 270-jet Boeing and Airbus order, its largest ever, for post-Covid growth plan

United Airlines unveiled Tuesday its largest-ever aircraft order: 270 narrow-body jetliners from Boeing and Airbus as the carrier charts its post-pandemic growth. The fleet plan is central to United’s goal of capturing more travelers, particularly high-paying ones in major coastal hubs like San Francisco and Newark, New Jersey. The Max 10 and A321neo planes are the largest models in their families and United will use them to grow in those markets, which have capacity constraints, said Andrew… ( More...

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ADXbear 6
How about making the new aircraft with much bigger lavatories to match the larger average American men!!! Would be nice!

This order represents the Boring nature of future flights, cramped on 7hr trans alantic A321s.. more people well and should book on foreign airlines for international flight on larger widebody a ft.

I guess I speak for those of us that remember the L1011, DC 10s, B747s.. will miss these and there comfort.. on the flipping, getting rid of smaller regional beer cans is a really good thing..
Etienne Daniels 6
Or, maybe a better idea. Ask Americans to change their food intake habits, it will save the country trillions :) With 75% obese or overweight and X numbers of diabetic they better invest in making bigger coffins. But that does not mean bigger toilets are welcome although I personally never had a problem with them as I don't use them on short flights.
George Pepe 1
What about the longer flights?
Now now, calm down, watch some Wall-E and buy into the glories of delusional Socialism. Besides, air travel is killing dinosaurs or something like that.
Etienne Daniels 3
Nothing to do with a political view, just a tip if you want your people to survive. FYI, in my home country I am considered a far right person :)
Robert Cowling 2
That times 100!!! And maybe have people cleaning those cramped closets at least every other flight? (I weigh 190, and am 5'11", and even I had issues turning around in the restroom to sit. I mean, no wonder so many 'miss' the hole. I haven't seem '#2' misses, but I have heard many have.)

Pre-epidemic, I flew an Untied 777 to LHR, and the 'restroom' was contagious! We had two to choose from, but YUCK.

And tight? I can't figure out how anyone would think that is even remotely appropriate. Yes, we, the traveling public, need to demand better service, bigger restrooms, and better service!

Love your comment. My 350# mother hated flying because 'they' made her feel bad for being 'large'. She never saw her grandchild because she was afraid to fly, and couldn't afford the extra tickets, and hassle..

We deserve better...
Jaime Terrassa 2
who are going to fly those planes
Alejandro green 0
Who knows flight training and cessnas have become so expensive and soon people wont have money currency will be worthless, and not only that but where are they going to find material theres such a shortage.Airlines are flush with cash from the tax payers
Etienne Daniels 3
And you are still lucky, flight training in the US is considered cheap compared to the rest of the world.
George Pepe 1
And of course, none of the planes that I like to see (a350, a380, Q400/300) just boring 737s and a321s.

Joseph Sede -1
Didnt the U.S help support United and other airlines during the pandemic? Did Airbus?


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