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United Airlines Fleet Expansion Prompts Dulles Airport to Propose Massive New Terminal Construction

Last week, United Airlines announced that they would be phasing out their older, 50-seater aircraft such as the Mitsubishi CRJ-200 and Embraer E145. However, this will cause Washington Dulles to have to demolish their current regional A terminal and rebuild a new concourse to accommodate these new aircraft. ( 기타...

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Maybe with this proposed upgrade, MWAA will also propose to demolish all the 1960's era above ground people movers. Connections between concourses are never easy at IAD. There needs to be underground moving sidewalks and possibly air train systems between the concourses. With IAD's long concourses B, C/D, there should actually be two parallel underground systems. New connection options for passengers has to extend to the new proposed concourse. These moving sidewalks and airtrains need to be spaced along the concourses, not in the center. An example of the central concourse connector is ATL. Everybody bottlenecks at the escalators and the air train platforms in ATL. Try for a speedy connection between D44 & A5!

My .02 worth the input to MWAA.
I'm a multimillion miler customer of UA and a loyal UA fan.
I welcome the proposed IAD upgrades and UA's fleet expansion and retirement of the CRJ's.
People mover comment made me laugh. I always felt those lunar rovers made me feel like I had landed on Mayflower 1, waiting for Buck Murdock to greet me.

"Noooo, I'll never get over Macho Grande- those wounds run....pretty deep". HA!


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