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American Airlines bars bodybuilder from Dallas-Fort Worth flight over ‘offensive’ outfit

A bodybuilder was not allowed to board her flight at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport Thursday because American Airlines crew found her clothing offensive, according to media reports. Deniz Saypinar is a professional bodybuilder from Turkey. On Thursday, she posted on her Instagram story to her nearly 1 million followers that airline staff refused to let her board her flight to Miami because of what she was wearing. The post was not longer available on Sunday since Instagram stories are only posted… ( 기타...

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Where did she think she was……Wal-Mart?
Maybe this Instragramer did it on purpose because she wanted the publicity and get her photo in the newspapers?
That's always part of it, at least subconsciously... 'LOOK AT ME!!! LOOK AT ME!!! EVERYONE HAS TO LOOK AT ME!!!'
Who the hell is offended by this?
Not offended. That's all.


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