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Air cargo company that ditched plane off Hawaii is grounded

A cargo airline whose plane ditched into the ocean off Hawaii has been grounded after investigators looked into the company's safety practices before the accident. The Federal Aviation Administration said Friday that it will bar Rhoades Aviation of Honolulu from flying or doing maintenance inspections until it meets FAA regulations. ( 기타...

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sparkie624 17
I was wondering how long it was going to take for an article like this to come out. No Surprise here!
sparkie624 17
Appears they are looking into their maintenance practices pretty closely! It would also appear that their maintenance was already under the microscope before the crash!
Does not bode well, does it?
Cutting corners comes to mind, perhaps.
The Feds don’t usually make decisions like this on a whim. Usually they’ve been looking at it for some time as the article clearly indicates.
I’m sure there’s more to come….
The FAA already knows and have turned the usual "blind-eye" to the problems. Somebody knows somebody who lobbies for the State of Hawaii in Washington, wink, wink.

The JT-8D engine was nearly bullet-proof with proper care, back in the day. Now, with parts and overhaul getting more expensive, they are cutting corners.
Pratt's R-2800's were also reliable by the standards, back in the day. Just ask a good outfit like Everts how much care it takes to keep them going properly these days, especially on the low-octane gas available.

Some outfits spend the money and some cut-corners. It's always about the $$$$$$$$$.
Having worked on many of those.... I would say that they are almost Bullet Proof without proper care... but it will only take so much abuse before it tells you... (or in this case takes you to where you do not want to go)... What we do not know is: was this crew induced by Hot Dogging, or was it bad maintenance. In this case I tend to feel that this is more of a lack of maintenance attention.
Yes, and it doesn't help that their geographical base of ops is so prone to corrosion issues.
Corrosion is one of the Biggest Enemies of our Industry... I have seen pics that would scare you as to how far things can go... and keep in mind a Pressured plane is nothing but an expensive balloon... If you pressurize and depressurize without the proper maintenance it is going to pop... A Plane does does it more dramatically!
Some one did a boo boo. Dual jet engine flailed after takeoff.
And it wasn’t a Sully-type bird strike either!
Third world airlines arrive in Hawaii. Mainland soon to follow. FAA is no longer respectable. Where are good mechanics going to learn the trade? Many problems are in the future if we don't wake up.
Having a bad day? Jeez, , , tell us how you REALLY feel. To be true to your own words, I trust you choose to not fly and be another piece of tons and tons of metal falling daily from the American sky. Sheesh.
While this mishap continues to be investigated and discussed with the information we have, does anyone know how the pilots are doing? I understand they were both seriously injured and required hospitalization. I hope they’re doing well, but I haven’t seen any reports since the day of the mishap. Just wondering if any of you have heard. TYIA.
How did they get out of the plane alive?
Typical of Government Agencies. They are almost totally re-active. Fortunately, this time people didn't die.
It always takes a crash to shed light on the FAA's shortcomings. Now they will play the game of "Cover their Asses". Politics as usual.
It’s the airline that’s being investigated, not the FAA! Duh!


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