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Why United Airlines Flew The Boeing 737-500 After The Type’s Retirement

United’s history with the Boeing 737 Classic ended eight years ago. Not helped by the rising price of fuel and other economic problems from the global financial crisis, United withdrew the B737-300 on October 28th, 2009 – three months after the last scheduled B737-500 flight. These retirements temporarily ended United’s use of the B737, but it didn’t last long. ( 기타...

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Not a lot of why in there, it sounds like the tl;dr is because they merged with Continental and had them.
I have worked on those planes before.... They are great planes.... They are aged, but as long as they are well maintained and all the required inspection items are complained with I would have no problem flying on it... As a matter of fact if there were any -200's still flying in the US, I would love to fly in one of those.. Those JT8's will take a lot more abuse than those CFM Engines.... And I do no that one a 200 with -9 engines will take off fully loaded with passengers on 1 engine.... Don't ask my how I know that! and No I am not a pilot, but a Mechanic!


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