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Boeing set to retry test flight in bid to take on SpaceX

Boeing is slated to launch its long-anticipated Starliner spacecraft — which is built to carry NASA astronauts — on an uncrewed test flight to the International Space Station, a follow-up to the company's botched first attempt 18 months ago, tomorrow. It will be a decisive moment for Boeing and NASA, as the traditional aerospace giant seeks to join SpaceX in ferrying people to the station. ( 기타...

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Take on SpaceX? Boeing? That's beyond laughable. Boeing is a clown show. Meanwhile SpaceX is about to launch a new fully reusable rocket with up to 100 tons of payload capacity. One hundred tons. This "race" has been over for quite a few years now.
Pratt and Whitney pushes propellers. That's all I know.

Go, babe!

It didn't happen... Something about a valve. There is no apparently date for them to try again. After the Russian 'mishap', I wouldn't be so gung-ho to have another 'new item' trying to hook up to the ISS.
Watch it here:

Good luck Boeing! You need this to go off with no hiccups...


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